I Can’t Check My Notifications If My Twitter Account Is Locked

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Hello fellow zobopians! 😩🖥 This will be a drive-by post. In and out!

Maybe I’ll wait until there’s a thousand notifications.

Until neXt time…

Locked Out of Twitter, Again!

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Hello fellow zobopians! Well, I got locked of the TwitterVerse again. All because of a Piers Morgan tweet. Does anyone really care about Piers Morgan anyway? Either I got ensnared in the Twitter algorithms or somebody flagged me.🙄

Locked out of Twitter, again!

Once you’re locked out of Twitter it’s hard to get back in without a “supported phone number”.😠

Twitter doesn’t take my phone number.

I guess I’ll spend wasting my time trying to get my social media account back. Until Next time…😩

What the Hell Twitter?

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Hello fellow zobopians!  Another day being locked out of my Twitter account.  I hate Twitter algorithms!  This is how people can be silenced.  Once you’re kicked out it’s hard as Hell to get back in.

Still locked out of Twitter!

What the fu** Twitter?

…until neXt time…I’ll have to consider getting another social media account.

Who the Hell Else Has to Wait This Long to Unlock a Twitter Account?

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Hello fellow zobopians!  Day two and still waiting for an appeal to unlock my previous free Twitter account.

unlock twitter account

Still waiting for my Twitter account to unlock.

My @zobop_republic Twitter Account Was Locked!

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Hello again zobopians!  I just wanted to add another screenshot of my locked-by-Twitter account.

Locked out of Twitter

Twitter locked @Zobop_republic out of Twitter today.

..until neXt time, again…

@zobop_republic Locked Out of Twitter

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Hello fellow zobopians!  Well, it happened!  Twitter locked me out of #Twitter.  It doesn’t surprise me at all.  I kinda suspected it would happen after all the anti-white supremacist threads and hashtags I was creating.  Now I have to wait…who knows how long for Twitter Corporation to get back to me and straighten this out.  **sigh**😬

Locked out of Twitter!

Twitter locked @zobop_republic out of Twitter!

Until neXt time…that is if there is a neXt time!

How To Become More Creative

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Is the above title a statement or a question? Hello zobopians! We’ll have to figure this out. As for me, as part of my New Direction for 2014, which is almost half over, I’ve read the book “How to become more creative” by Alex F. Osborn. (It’s an older book.) Follow me on Twitter @zobop_republic to see what I’ve learned by Mr. Osborn. Get ready world to become more creative!

Here’s a beginner’s teaser: “A strong imagination begetteth opportunity.” – #Montaigne #quote #creativity

zobop republic to infinity

zobop republic to infinity

Disclaimer : That black/white illusion picture isn’t my creation. Just got it from the world wide web and added to it. Yeah…If I had a lawyer on retainer he/she would be happy!

What’s Going On?

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Hello fellow zobopians!

What’s going on with you?  With me?  Well, I’m downloading some Mp3 files from a public computer and I’m concerned I’ll get a virus of some kind.  Scary!  There’s something I don’t trust about public library computers.  They’re convenient but still…

As I’m writing this, I just noticed my Twitter page in the browser looks different from a few moments ago.  I mean it just changed right when I wasn’t looking.  Weird!

O.K. That was distracting.

I’m not looking forward to six more weeks of winter.  Thanks punx rat!  Are rodents really good at weather forecast?

Hey, my time on this public computer is running low, so I gotta go.  Until next time…

I’m On Twitter A Lot

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A message from zobop republic:

NEW NEWS…I like blogging, but I spend a lot of my time micro-blogging on Twitter. So, you might as well follow me on the Twitter @zobop_republic . And when I do post something “here”, you’ll know. 🙂 See you in the tweets!

zobop Political Slogans

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Since it always seems to be an election cycle, I’ve decided to create my own ‘zobop Political Slogan’! No, I’m not running for any political office. I just thought it would be a blast to create a political thought bomb. (No pun intended, NSA). Here’s my first of many:

‘If Americans are allowed to protect their rights, then America wins.’

Were you paying attention? If you want more thought-provoking political slogans, then follow http://twitter.com/zobop_republic on Twitter. [hashtag: #PoliticalSlogan]

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