We Are Not One People

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We are not ONE people: the Present.
We were NEVER one people: the Past.

Africa Slave Trade

African slave trade

Greetings fellow zobopians! Finally got my thoughts together on another touchy subject. Yeah, you know me! I’ve been agonizing about the idea of unity with the African diaspora. You know, people of African descent. We truly are the Tower of Babel!  Reply…you know I’ll reply back on this.

{Setting: 400 years ago…give or take.}
According to some historical books and historian Henry Louis Gates, Jr. slavery was a social custom on the continent of Africa. Slavery either existed in Africa or it was imported from the Roman world of the Arabic realm centuries earlier. My question is, why did African tribes and societies accept and allow slavery in the first place? If Africans knew then what we know now, I’m sure slavery would have been fought against [more] furiously and never would have been accepted so meekly. (Hindsight truly is twenty-twenty [20/20]). What was an Africans’ worth when tribes were selling off their own or capturing and selling others into slavery? What was an Africans’ worth when white Europeans came to Africa in ships to trade European goods, (junk by modern standards), for human beings? We were NEVER one people!

{Setting: Western hemisphere – [Slave era] USA, Caribbean and South America.}
After transporting African chattel slaves to their plantation destination the slavers originally grouped their slaves by their respective tribes. Not realizing that an African tribe/social group spoke a common language, the Africans were able to communicate to each other in order to form an insurrection or revolt. White slavers quickly became observant and noticed that Africans spoke many languages and dialects. So, upon realizing this, the slavers began to mix up their slaves from different tribes and ethnic groups. After this slave management technique the African slaves were unable to communicate to each other effectively to organize insurrections. Africa then, and probably now, have over 800 languages.  White slavers in other colonies recognized this in order to use this language difference against Africans. It’s Divide and Conquer. We were NEVER one people!

{Setting: Fast forward to present – 21st century world.}
Africa is still a continent comprised of many, many tribes and ethnic groups. [Conflict!] Still comprised of many, many languages and dialects. [Failure to communicate!] Plus many religions too! [More conflict!] In the Caribbean people of African descent, in their respective island country, speak their common language now; whether it be Spanish, French, English, etc. or whatever language their former slave masters spoke. In South America most of the people speak Spanish, except for Brazil which speak Portuguese…how unique is that? It just goes to show, even the white European slavers didn’t speak one common language. And yet they oppressed human beings based on one common aspect: “Color Prejudice”. [the color Black] (There is no such thing as RACE people!). In the diaspora known as Black America we also now speak one common language: English. There have been, and probably still now, Black American educators who insist that we as a people speak a different dialect of English; called Ebonics or ‘Black English’. (That episode caused a lot of head shaking in the Black community). Whatever language we do speak, we have a failure to communicate! Modern day people of African descent have evolved into a diverse diaspora outside the continent. (Africa was always diverse). But where is the UNITY? “UNITY in DIVERSITY” is a phrase that has to mean something but what do we have to show for it?


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Rivalry Between Black And White Women?

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Hello fellow zobopians. I’ve been reading a collection of history books called ‘Sex and Race’, volumes 1 through 3. Written and self published by J. A. Rogers (1942). Some of the passages don’t really surprise me but I’ve learned things that were never taught in history classes I ever had.  [So much for Black studies.]

I learned of a point of view from a blog post that a modern-day Black woman’s worth is only $5 (U.S.). Seriously? During the era of slavery a white woman couldn’t fetch more than $5. But hey…that was when white’s were sold as slaves too. Yep, that’s right!

Are today’s white women envious of Black women? Here’s an excerpt from page 214 from ‘Sex and Race’, vol. 2 :

“There is a soft, winning, captivating way about some of these colored girls that makes them perfectly irresistible. I don’t wonder at the envy, rage, and jealousy of our white women, they can’t help being conscious of their inferiority in this respect.”

Did you know that this kind of behavior led to broken marriages and divorce during the slave era?  Yes…white women left their husbands because the white men couldn’t keep their hands off the Black female slaves.  Ironic isn’t it?

It kind of makes you wonder about the so-called War on Women these days.


Baruch Spinoza

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Nobody has the authority to decide my rights. Everyone in the state of nature decides what is good or bad, and what is necessary to his preservation.

If the citizens begin to fear the State, the State will lose its power, and fall prey to the factions it has stirred up.

The weak man, the slave, is not someone of lesser strength in absolute terms. The weak man is he who remains cut off from his power of action, kept in slavery or impotence.

Superstition is everything that keeps us cut off from our power of action and continually diminishes it. The source of superstition is the concatenation of sad passions, fear, hope linked to fear, the anxiety that delivers us over to phantoms.

In despotic statecraft, the supreme and essential mystery is to hoodwink the subjects, and to mask the fear, which keeps them down, with the specious garb of religion, so that they may fight as bravely for slavery as for safety.

[Source: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/ea/Spinoza.jpg/200px-Spinoza]

*Taken from : “Expressionism in Philosophy : Spinoza by Gilles Deleuze

USA: Country Of Immigrants And Slaves

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*In the spirit of Black History (Month). {It should be all year long.}
Black History 365

We are a country of immigrants, blah, blah, blah.

It’s amazing how no one mentions the fact that America is “also” a country built on SLAVERY. Slaves were not immigrants. Slaves were humans in bondage. Slaves didn’t come to America of their own “Free Will”. That fact and reality of slavery cannot become a dead issue. I’m NOT sorry that the history of slavery makes people uncomfortable. History is written by the “Victors”. Obviously, slaves were not the victors, otherwise they wouldn’t have been slaves.

This is why Black History (Month) is so important. If the “Victors” do not or will not tell OUR history, then who will? Black Americans are part of this country, it’s just that we all weren’t immigrants.

10 Things You Should Know About Slavery


In keeping with the spirit of Black History 365 I should share and remind you of things that people may not know about American slavery.

10 things about slavery

Since the United States is observing the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln and other PBS programs of the era, I figured other information the subject wouldn’t hurt.

Veneer Of Critical Thinking

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If a reporter imagines that he is some sort of free-thinking iconoclast, he is in complete denial about the reality of his enslavement. This denial always manifests itself in hysterical attacks against anyone who dares to point it out, or who actually is a free thinker… To sum up: if we attack the slaves, we lose. If the slaves attack each other, which is so easy to orchestrate, we win.”