Go To Hell engage.xbox.com Scammer!

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Hello fellow zobopians! I really hate email scammers who somehow get a hold of my email address.

Nice try scammer!

I don’t even have a Netflix account to begin with. You folks out there need to stop falling for scams like this.

Until neXt time…

zobop Theory: Covid-19 May Have Silenced Phone Scammers From Afar.

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Hello fellow zobopians! I hope you’re not reading this from the country of India because this may hurt. A recent thought occurred to me that the reason my phone has been silent by those incessant phone calls by [alleged] “phone scammers” could be the Covid-19 disease has or is killing them off. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I know that sounds horrible but it might be true. So enjoy the silence for now. Who knows when the call center phone scammers might pick up where they left off.

I’ve also noticed I haven’t been getting a lot of “junk mail” either. I guess no one has been working at companies to mail junk to my mailbox. Trust me, I don’t miss it!

Until neXt time…

It’s Scammer Time


Hello fellow zobopians, you read right.  It’s scammer time, uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh, can’t touch this!  Like I’ve always said here I will put these email scammers on blast for their scam ways.  Read for yourself, you might get one of these emails in your inbox. [Copied as-is.]

from : Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals <court_secretary@salian.net
reply to : court_secretary@salian.net

Pretrial notice

Hereby we confirm that your complaint has been received together with enclosures dated January 30, 2014.
The complaint will be reviewed in court in the nearest possible time based on the documents and information
you have previously provided. You do not have to be present at trial in person if the Court does not suggest

Please use this link* to check your complaint once again and confirm it. If we do not get your confirmation
the claim will be cancelled.

You will be further notified without delay of any judgement delivered in regard to your complaint.

Court secretary

*The link was disabled when copied but I captured the link address : [WARNING – I don’t recommend going to it unless you check it out first.]

http://szabadon.com/viewtopic.php? pretrial_notice=9JQFePCDGj6Gj6loaHjdhqmOXbOaxhwVkwuQTjaKHUA=