The Two Sides Of Liberty

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Greetings fellow zobopians! What are your feelings about ‘liberty’? You like liberty for yourself, right? Do you like others having it too? It’s ironic, there are people in this world that want liberty for themselves only and not for others. Why? So they can enslave others.

Men love liberty because it protects them from control and humiliation from others, and thus affords them the possibility of dignity. They loathe liberty because it throws them back on their own abilities and resources, and thus confronts them with the possibility of insignificance.”

Thomas Szasz

I Think Frantz Fanon Saw The Future

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Hello fellow zobopians! Yes, I think medical specialist and intellectual Frantz Fanon, (Black Skin, White Masks) saw into the future. I’m reading his other book, Wretched of the Earth, and it’s almost as if he saw into the minds of modern day Black American or African revolutionaries. Either we didn’t read Mr. Fanons’ book correctly or we just keep on making the same pathetic mistakes over & over. Anyway, not to get all preachy, follow my Twitter feed @zobop_republic to read #FrantzFanon quotes.

Until that day…

Religion Is Dangerous


Hello zobopians! Yes, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted. I’ve been reading and contemplating about women’s studies and religion in regards to women in general. We have the right-wing Christian War On Women. Then there’s Islam with their no respect and/or regard for women. Religion is dangerous for women. I always thought religion, (Christianity), was dangerous for people of African descent. There are people who thought Black people from Africa were cursed all because of some guy named Ham. This biblical person means nothing to me but my slave ancestors have caught Hell for it for 400 years. [“Fundamentalists recognize what Machiavelli and Plato understood: religion can be used to legitimize power.” –From the book I’m reading, ‘Price of Honor’ by Jan Goodwin (1994)]

Religion is dangerous!

“We have just enough religion to make us hate, and not enough to love one another.” –Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

Quotes To LIve And Die By

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On Twitter you have a hashtag for ‘quote of the day’. Meh. Twitter sometimes doesn’t do justice for everything. So, zobopians, here are some quotes to live & die by. Think about it.

Peter Principle.

Every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.”
–Lawrence J. Peter

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
–George Santayana

The truth shall make you free.”

Knowing what is true will free you from the bonds of deceit.
[The 3rd quote is the official motto of the C.I.A.(Central Intelligence Agency)]

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His Story Your Story

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History is your story, not their’s.  Hello zobopians; here we are smack in the middle of…Black History Month.  Who controls your story?  Dr. Carter G. Woodson said, “If a race had no recorded history, it’s achievements would be forgotten and, in time, claimed by other groups.”

So, who controls your history?

Chains That Bind

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James Baldwin

James Baldwin

I refuse, absolutely, to speak from the point of view of the victim. The victim can have no point of view for precisely so long as he thinks of himself as a victim. The testimony of the victim as victim corroborates, simply, the reality of the chains that bind him — confirms, and, as it were consoles the jailer.”

–James Baldwin

Genuine Revolution

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A genuine revolutionof values means in the final analysis that our loyalties must become ecumenical rather than sectional.  Every nation must now develop an overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual societies.”– Martin Luther King, Jr.

M.L.King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.