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Hello world zobopians! I really had no idea what to title this blog post. If there’s a problem, then here’s the solution. Let’s take it from the top…

If you are sickly person; your SICKNESS is due to tension.
Your TENSION is due to frustration.
Your FRUSTRATION is caused by failure to overcome problems.

After I finished reading A. F. Osborn’s book “How to become more creative”, I discovered by mastering problems through creativity, we defeat frustration, then tension and overcome sickness.

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Are You A Problem Solver?


Hello world zobopians! Do you know how to solve a problem? My father always told me to in order to solve something you break up the larger problem into smaller parts or sections. Then you solve each part one by one until…”problem solved”.

I’ve learned recently, reading the book ‘How to become more creative’*, that problem solving has seven (7) phases. They go like this:

  1. Orientation : Find out and point out the problem.
  2. Preparation : Gather material relevant to the problem.
  3. Analysis : Break down the relevant material.
  4. Hypothesis : Pile up alternative ideas. {Don’t be prejudiced.}
  5. Incubation : Relax and let up to invite illumination. {Sleep on it.}
  6. Synthesis : Putting the pieces together.
  7. Verification : Judge the resultant ideas.

I know it’s a bit terse but I think you can & will figure it out. Now get out there and be a problem solver! 🙂
Note: *Alex F. Osborn wrote the book.

Question: Is “O.P.A.H.I.S.V.” a word? LOL. 😉

It Takes Ideas To Get Ideas

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Hello fellow zobopians! As part of my New Direction for 2014 I’ve been reading part of an old book of my father’s. The below excerpts are really just notes to myself for mental reference. “It takes ideas to get ideas.” [page 220] How the heck does one become ‘more’ creative?

Excerpts from the book “How To Become More Creative”, by Alex F. Osborn, L.H.D. © 1964

Calls for creative idea-hunting

Instead of putting ourselves into the employer’s shoes, too many of us ask him/her to put themselves into ours.

#Question : What quality or talent have you demonstrated that makes you think you could help our company earn more money?

How to go after a new job :
1. Offer a service instead of asking for a position.
2. Appeal to the self-interest of your prospective employer.
3. Be specific as to the job you want, and as to your qualifications.
4. Be different, and still be sincere.

We also need imagination to help us set our job-seeking sights.

When applying or going to a job interview, do not take family members or friends with you. To be shepherded makes you look weak and uncertain of yourself.

The higher you aim, the more creative your preparation must be.

As part of the preparation for interviews, you should line up the right references. What if you have none?
Experience carries far more weight than references. If you went all out with the creative preparation we would see to it that you trained yourself in advance to make an employer eager for your services

A job-seeking interview is a selling, (of yourself), interview.

Part of your strategy you should ask yourself “What if?” Foresee contingencies, so the better you can meet them. You should know by now that during an interview you will be expected to ask questions. If not, you will seem unprepared and slow-minded.

If you want to get the job you want: Be ready to show the employer exactly how they can benefit from your services beyond the arbitrary requirements they set up in the job posting.


I read recently, on a website, about an unemployed older American woman, [Wessita McKinley of Capitol Heights], and she said, “If you’re not creative in this economy, you’re going to be squashed.” Well, I need to get more creative then!  #HowToGet #DreamJob