Don’t Let Snitch and Phony Enrique Tarrio Get Away With Profiting On Black Trauma!

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Hello fellow zobopians! I hope you’re not a former or current Proud “scum” Boy. We the people of the Black American community cannot let Proud “punk” Boy leader Enrique Tarrio make money off of the Black Lives Matter movement. Does he think people are “that” stupid? He needs to be exposed and stopped!

Proud Boys Leader is a scumbag!

I mean would Black citizens dare try to make money off of Ku Klux Klan or Nazi material?

Oh well, until neXt time…

The Jane Addams I didn’t know

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Hello fellow world zobopians!  Do you even like being called a zobopian?  If you follow this blog, you’re one!

Well anyway, it’s the start of yet another school year for Public Schools…what’s left of them.  Public schools are being closed and replaced by charter schools so fast it makes me wonder how long until the death of public institutions in America.  Public Housing is pretty much gone and buried…I mean privatized.  Remember New Orleans?  O.K. I’m getting off target here.  I just recently learned the community organizer Jane Addams was the head of a teachers pension fund way back in 1905.  You can read about the history of her and the fund below.  It’s sad after more than a hundred years America is still having a problem of giving teachers their due.

The Chicago Tribune featured a Perspective piece written by CTPF Executive Director Charles A. Burbridge in the September 17, 2015, edition. The text of the article appears below:
In 1905, the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund faced a crisis. There wasn’t enough money coming in to pay for retirement benefits.

The president of the pension fund, Jane Addams – yes, the famous community organizer – turned to the Illinois General Assembly for help. A landmark law passed in 1907 required employees and employers to contribute to the fund and set up an elected pension board to oversee investments.

The retirement security that Addams protected for teachers is at risk again.

Pension holidays taken by Chicago Public Schools and approved by lawmakers have capsized the system and will cost taxpayers billions of dollars to correct. It’s just the kind of action Addams sought to guard against more than 100 years ago.

We must protect our teachers and the taxpayers from these shortsighted decisions.

The first step: Stop talking about CPS declaring bankruptcy. That’s a diversion from the real issues of education policy and funding. CPS bankruptcy – essentially allowing the state to insulate itself from the problem that it helped create – would be morally reprehensible. There are many parties responsible for this crisis. No one should be allowed to simply walk away.

The second step: Take three legislative actions to fix the system and prevent future funding failures. Those three actions are:
  • Make payments to the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund mandatory by law. Pension funds across the country have something in common: Payments are mandated and the funds have strong tools to use if a payment is missed. Pension payments are not optional; they are promised to Chicago’s schoolteachers as part of their contract. We have to stop pitting today’s teachers against yesterday’s teachers. Lawmakers, city and school leaders must recognize that teacher compensation and retirement funding are one in the same.
  • Commit to an actuarial-based funding plan that covers annual contributions and unfunded liability. Fully funded pension plans let experts (actuaries) determine the annual contribution needed to keep the plans stable. The Chicago teachers’ fund is in a hole. We must stop digging. The problem was created by pension holidays. It can’t be solved by more pension holidays.
  • Make monthly payments to the pension fund, not a once-a-year payment. Pension plans work when today’s benefits are paid by yesterday’s contributions and investment earnings, and today’s contributions are invested to pay for tomorrow’s benefits. Prudent investment practices demand that payments to the fund provide a constant stream of revenue that can be invested throughout the year. Monthly payments would save Chicago taxpayers tens of millions annually.
A century ago, Addams knew that for Chicago to thrive, teachers’ pensions needed to be protected. If we are to thrive for the next century, that fundamental principle must never again be forgotten.
Source : Chicago Tribune, September 17, 2015



Happy New Year fellow zobopians!  It took me some time to get my blogging juices flowing for 2015.  And the best I can do is a photo opportunity.  Anything for the topic of the minimum wage for the working poor.  Let’s face it, anybody working at minimum wage is poor. That’s the way the “powers that be” want it.



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Goodluck Scam


Hey zobopians! I’ve got another scam alert for you. Come on people! Nobody from email address is going to pay you $13.5 million. You’ve been warned! Message below as is:

Attn: Beneficiary


Following the protest of the International Community and United Nations, The World Bank, IMF/European Union and the instruction from the President and Commander in Chief of the armed forces federal republic of Nigeria (DR. GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN) says that all outstanding foreign debts especially lottery winning,inheritance and contract fund should be released to the beneficiaries account henceforth without any further delays.

From the records of outstanding contracts and inheritance/ lottery winning fund due for payment with the United Kingdom (UK) and Government of Nigeria,United States Government and United Nations which your name and company was discovered as next of kin on the list of the outstanding contractors whose payment have not been received their funds up to date. I wish to inform you that your payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter and also note that from the record in my file, your outstanding contract payment is (Thirteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) US$13.5M.

You are please, re-confirm to him if this is in line with what you have in your file and once again furnish us with the stated information below.

The Information requested for the wire transfer of your fund to be provided by you are below:




As soon as this information are received from you as the beneficiary, your fund will be process within 24hrs without any delay. Now you are directed and inform as the beneficiary of the above stated amount valued US$13.5M by a Wire Transfer Payment to finalize the release of your fund. Our official paying bank and directors name to contact is hereby stated below for you to contact with your details.

You are to contact Dr. Charles Menard for directive with your full details as instructed by the above:

contact Person: Mr.CHARLES H. MENARD.
Position: Director International Remittance Department
Email Address:

Contact him immediately you receive this mail for further directives on how to receive the payment from our offshore payment center.


Mr.William Japhet.

Minister OF INFORMATION AND Communication on Foreign Contract And Inheritance Fund
**Message Header:**
Delivered-To: [REDACTED]
X-SDA: 69315705942.04.fog68_617c09e60f93a
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To: undisclosed-recipients:;

A Nation Of Panhandlers


Hello fellow zobopians. I’ve been gathering my thoughts on this subject: panhandlers. Are we becoming a Nation of Panhandlers? Is the American economy that bad? I would think so when I walk/travel through my community in Chicago. It seems like everyone, (male and female; young and old), is constantly asking me for spare change. Walking down a lonely street or whatever, in some instance I’m the only one in sight, I’ll pass another pedestrian and I get asked if I have money to give to him. It just seems so casual-like. It makes me feel uneasy.

Most panhandlers are on busy street corners or standing/sitting in front of businesses to increase their chances of getting some hand-out. I encounter too many casual pedestrians just walking down the street, like me, asking for money in a way that comes off as to uncomfortable for me. Recently I was walking home and came across a store-front residence, where people live, and there was a guy standing in front of what I assume was a stair landing and he just ask me for spare change. In front of his home! Seriously, is this crappy economy this bad when citizens are panhandling in front of their home?

Now, lets pause. I don’t mind giving anybody my spare change to someone. It’s no big deal unless I really need the money for myself. (I’m not rich.)

I’m just beginning to sense a bad habit forming among people that comes off like a “third world” type of behavior. This is the USA for crying out loud! I’m not oblivious that America is in a Funk Economic Depression! If this country doesn’t get its economic affairs in order, this panhandling is going to become a bad habit. People need jobs & money so they won’t have to panhandle to every Tom, Dick & Harry.

I guess this ends my writers block. Until next time…

Yes! I said Funk Economic Depression. That’s not a mis-spelling of the F-word. We are in a Funk, you know that!

Bossy @ss B*tch


…and Dumb too! Hello fellow zobopians, let me explain myself. I don’t normally use my blog as a rant platform, but today…well…

As I was walking down the street going home Monday afternoon I was approached by a young woman walking in the opposite direction. As she was getting close to me she calls out to me to buy her a soda pop from a gas station at the corner I was just approaching. (It was right there!). I asked/said to her, “Why can’t you get it yourself?” As I’m asking her this, she’s pulling out her money to give to me. Then she informs me the owner or station clerk wouldn’t let her in the establishment anymore. Huh?

Now, let’s just slow down a minute here, ‘cause I’m about to pull out my RANT-CARD**. (I’ve had time to calm down since this happened.) Thus the name of this blog post: [Dumb] Bossy @ss B*tch! First of all, I won’t allow anyone to BOSS me around on the streets of Chicago. [Dumb] Bossy @ss B*tch! Second, why is this young woman attempting to spend what little money she has at a store that obviously doesn’t want her? [Dumb] Bossy @ss B*tch! I just came from a dollar store two blocks away! She could’ve walked her lazy @ss self to the dollar store to buy her much needed soda pop. [Dumb] Bossy @ss B*tch!

Dumb @ss people never cease to amaze me. If a business doesn’t want YOU in there establishment, then spend your money elsewhere! You don’t try to get someone else you don’t know to spend YOUR money at a business that doesn’t want you or your money. What the hell am I missing? If I were a sleaze-ball, I could’ve snatched her money and ran like hell but on the rough streets of Chicago, you think twice about that. You don’t harass someone on the street with your economic stupidity. I almost gave this young woman my piece of mind but on the rough streets of Chicago, you think twice about that. Bossy @ss B*tch! And dumb too!

I’m all ranted out! I have nothing else to say…until next time…

**I rather not use my RACE-CARD. There’s no telling what trouble I would get for using that. Hello #BlackTwitter!

Don’t You Want My Money?

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I understand businesses have the right to refuse service to people. But who wants to leave money on the table? I remember the time when Denny’s restaurant refused service to Black Americans, (circa 1990’s). I guess Denny’s didn’t need the money. Hey, I say the hell with them then; save your money. But really, who leaves money on the table on purpose. During the era of Jim Crow, Black American’s were refused service because of their skin color. See, I think businesses want the money but they just don’t want to have to service, or deal with, the people they don’t like. I guess they think they can get money for nothing. (My opinion!)

As I watch the national news, the state of Arizona (SB1062) wants the option of being able to refuse service to people they obviously don’t like; gays & lesbians, (a.k.a. LGTB). Economically speaking, that’s leaving money on the table. Arizona state is going to lose a lot of money when citizens and businesses boycott the state in protest. I’m sure there was a time in America when Mexicans and other Latinos were refused service as well. Straight white people aren’t the only one’s with money to spend. I read Black economists brag about how Black Americans are spending in excess of $900 Billion a year. $900 Billion! But that’s not what’s at stake here. I don’t know if the LGTB segment of society represents $900 Billion. Either way, that’s a lot of money being left on the table just because you may not like somebody’s skin color or sexual orientation.

The irony is, there are segments of American society that want money for social services and other entitlements. Unfortunately many people don’t get the money they need, but they may have money to spend. States, like Arizona, and other businesses in the USA who don’t want money from certain people, I say avoid them and spend your money somewhere else. Hopefully these businesses aren’t the only game in town so you can get what you need from somewhere else.

MO’ money, MO’ problems! I didn’t think trying to spend money would be a problem. Don’t you want my money America? Arizona? Anyone? If your greedy ass want my money, you are going to have to deal with ME! Until that day, I’ll be spend thrift.

Pending Approval My Butt


Hi fellow zobopians. I got this email from Click-n-Loan.  Notice the name and address below the picture logo.



“Rubbish Jackaroo
P.O. Box 16
Nobby Beach QLD 4218”

Is there really a Nobby Beach somewhere?  I didn’t check any internet maps before posting this.  Scammers must truly believe we are so stupid.  Below was the email link*:

*I wouldn’t trust the link. You’ve been WARNED!

Where’s George

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Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money!

I just tracked a ten spot. Do you know where you money has been?

Where’s George? Bill Tracking Report :
My ten spot I got from a Currency Exchange!