I Can’t Check My Notifications If My Twitter Account Is Locked

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Hello fellow zobopians! 😩🖥 This will be a drive-by post. In and out!

Maybe I’ll wait until there’s a thousand notifications.

Until neXt time…

What the Hell Twitter?

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Hello fellow zobopians!  Another day being locked out of my Twitter account.  I hate Twitter algorithms!  This is how people can be silenced.  Once you’re kicked out it’s hard as Hell to get back in.

Still locked out of Twitter!

What the fu** Twitter?

…until neXt time…I’ll have to consider getting another social media account.

My @zobop_republic Twitter Account Was Locked!

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Hello again zobopians!  I just wanted to add another screenshot of my locked-by-Twitter account.

Locked out of Twitter

Twitter locked @Zobop_republic out of Twitter today.

..until neXt time, again…

@zobop_republic Locked Out of Twitter

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Hello fellow zobopians!  Well, it happened!  Twitter locked me out of #Twitter.  It doesn’t surprise me at all.  I kinda suspected it would happen after all the anti-white supremacist threads and hashtags I was creating.  Now I have to wait…who knows how long for Twitter Corporation to get back to me and straighten this out.  **sigh**😬

Locked out of Twitter!

Twitter locked @zobop_republic out of Twitter!

Until neXt time…that is if there is a neXt time!

I’m On Twitter A Lot

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A message from zobop republic:

NEW NEWS…I like blogging, but I spend a lot of my time micro-blogging on Twitter. So, you might as well follow me on the Twitter @zobop_republic . And when I do post something “here”, you’ll know. 🙂 See you in the tweets!