A Critique of Sci Fi Fantasy Tropes

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Hello fellow zobopians! Welcome to Covid-19 year two. I sure you folks have had plenty of time to think about… whatever since you can’t really go anywhere. ūüė∑ I on the other hand think about a lot of things. Although it doesn’t translate into a blog post, until today. I couldn’t help recently to notice in the Science Fiction/Fantasy art world there is a gendered stereotype/trope. In this era of #MeToo and #TimesUp I would think that almighty Hollywood would’ve noticed too.

I’ve notice in some Sci-Fi/Fantasy artwork a male character stands or hovers above a female character with or without some weapon. ūüėČūü§ę The pictures below should show it will take a long time to change minds in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy artworld. This trope is practically written in stone over many generations. Anyway good luck changing minds New Generation. [Disclaimer: All pictures may be subject to copyright by their respective owners.]

Male character with weapon. Female kneeling beneath him.
Afrocentric imagery has the same trope. Female down beneath male character.
Even the Beastmaster does this. Women get no equity.
Well, of course Conan the Barbarian does this. He’s a barbarian!
No surprise here. It’s Heavy Metal magazine. The masters of this kind of trope.
Yes, the Sci-Fi Fantasy aliens know the deal. Man above, woman beneath.
I think the girl/woman is suppose to be a slave.
The man with weapon above, woman beneath him rolls on and on.
The manly man with weapon tends to involve dead characters beneath the couple.
Sometimes there’s a spirit character hovering above the weaponized man. I hope the woman is O.K.
This place called GOR obviously likes fantasy slave girls.
Even Star Wars is guilty. Father Vader hovers above son Luke with sister Leia kneeling below.
Are we getting the picture now. Dead bodies below scantily clad fantasy couple.
Ah crap, here we go again! Boring stereotype!
Well, well, well. You didn’t see this one coming did you? Woman above! This was the only exception I could find so far.

That’s all for now. But remember, it’s really time to change the Sci-Fi Fantasy paradigm. It’s getting tired. Until neXt time…

America Doesn’t Care About Women

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Hello fellow zobopians! ¬†Ha-ha, long time no see. ¬†It’s been awhile since I posted anything original. ¬†Hey, I do re-blog other writers. ¬†Anyway, I want to today talk about the Day of Reckoning with…SEXUAL MISCONDUCT! ¬†Ooooh, taboo! ¬†You women who are reading this…it’s time for you to MAN UP! ¬†[No pun intended!]

Wonder Woman? You? Not!

Wonder Woman you are not!

Has America, (the Almighty U.S.A.), ever cared about women?

“IT” never cared about Native American women, who were exterminated.

“IT” never cared about Mexican women, who are used as cheap coolie labor for American industry.

“IT” never cared about Chinese women, who came after Chinese men who were used as cheap coolie labor to build the American railroad.

“IT” never ever cared about Black women, who were used as slave labor.

So, does America care about white womanhood? ¬†The answer is easy…nope! ¬†No! ¬†Nada! ¬†Even when white males kill to protect white womanhood, nobody cares about women.

Since the early 20th century when women, (and their male allies), took to marching in the streets for women’s suffrage they were brutalized in those streets by angry white men. ¬†(Who else could it have been? ¬†People of color had no projected power.) ¬†Violence is a device of projection.

It’s depressing to think that all social groups, ethnic groups or societies are violently patriarchal. ¬†Some social groups are matriarchal or egalitarian…some. ¬†But I’m talking about only America. ¬†America is unique. ¬†It’s not mono-ethnic like most countries. ¬†I’m not discussing Middle Eastern, Mediterranean or Indo-European societies. ¬†(They don’t seem to care about women either.) ¬†Most males in most societies will use violence to project and maintain the patriarchal folklore.

What is a female and egalitarian male to do?  (Especially now in this Day of Reckoning with SEXUAL MISCONDUCT.)

So, what I’m trying to get at without beating around the bush is, women are going to have to get VIOLENT! ¬†The males are gonna get violent to you! ¬†But I think you already know that. ¬†[Remember the movie, ‘The Burning Bed‘?] ¬†Women’s suffrage or right’s are not going to be won by putting on “velvet gloves”. ¬†If women want to stop sexual misconduct, it’s time to throw punches. ¬†If or when you do, expect to get punched back! ¬†If women decide to shoot, you will get shot back at and/or you’ll get incarcerated. ¬†Why do you think males carry military assault weapons? ¬†Angry disaffected white males don’t like losing or coming in second to women. ¬†[WATCH YOUR BACK!] ¬†Those angry males may shoot and kill Black males to protect white womanhood but white women will be intimidated “ad nauseam”! ¬†[STOP COVERING UP FOR THEM!] ¬†A single white female discussing or “calling out” sexual misconduct is not enough. ¬†I don’t think anybody ever listens to a Black woman “calling out” anything. ¬†Nope! ¬†Women…all women of all persuasions will have to speak up from a “whisper to a scream” to complete this Day of Reckoning.

One person DOESN’T make a difference.

[The one who does not know about it may walk over it.  The one who knows about it will dig it up and eat it.]

This could be the beginning of a NEW women’s folklore.

…until neXt time…