I See You Evil Eye, Eye Live!

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Hello fellow zopbopians!  I’ve been reading book on world folklore.  [Full title: Interpreting Folklore by Alan Dundes.]  There’s this section on the folklore of the ‘Evil Eye‘.  It’s funny and sometimes vulgar at best.  The author claims ‘blue’ evil eye’s are considered evil.  And the best way to defeat an evil eye is by another evil eye.  It’s relates to the principle of ‘like against like’.  I always thought you can’t fight fire with fire but I guess you can fight evil eye with evil eye.  Hmm-m…that’s something to consider in the future.


Until neXt time…eye’ll be seeing you!


Pushing Our Buttons

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The human brain has evolved to pay close attention to information:

  • Danger
  • Food
  • Sex

All animals have four (4) basic instinctual drives:

  • Fighting, fleeing [danger]
  • Feeding [food]
  • Mating [sex]

The names for these distinct feelings:

  • Anger, fear
  • Hunger
  • Lust

Memes that annoy, seduce, enrage or scare us tend become widespread.


From the book ‘Virus of the Mind’  copyright 1996 by Richard Brodie.