So Basically, Newsmax Promotes Guys Who’ve Abused or Harassed Women

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Hello fellow zobopians! I hope you’re not a Newsmax fan. FOXNews was bad enough to have creeps who abused or harassed women. Now Newsmax (a.k.a. Newscrap) is actively promoting guys who have abused or harassed women.

Delete or Move To Trash.

All these conservative creeps do now is make up and float conspiracy theories to cover their crappy behavior. And, they actually think people are dumb enough to believe it. Of course people are dumb enough to believe.

Until neXt time…

Stop Watching FOX News, You Dummies!

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Hi there fellow zobopians!  Well since I can’t tweet on Twitter until my account becomes unlocked, I’ll have to unlock my writer’s block. **Pun intended**

You Fox dummies have got to stop watching and believing Laura Ingraham.  She’s an “evil ugly” person.  I think she just loves being contrarian.  Wait…who am I kidding?  She’s evil as f**k!

Seig Heil Ingraham

Laura Ingraham seig heil salute! [Looks like one though.]

I don’t like her arrogant hypocritical attitude with Black athletes.  She once told basketball star LeBron James to shut up a dribble while giving white football athlete Drew Brees the benefit of the doubt with her,

“he is allowed to have his view” and “is a person and has some worth.” 

Contrarian or racist? Or both??

DEFUND FOX NEWS by no longer watching them!

Hi dummy!

The FOX channel television program. STOP WATCHING THEM!

…until neXt time…

Fox News really is For Dummies!

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Hello fellow zobopians!  And for the rest of you who are addicted to watching Fox News…Hi dummy!

Fox News for dummies!

Fox News For Dummies

Enough said for now…

until neXt time…until then follow me on Twitter: @zobop_republic

Black Is Beautiful

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Hello fellow zobopians!  I know in America at this time of year it’s known to be a White Christmas.  But this country wouldn’t what it is without it’s Black citizens.  Don’t fall for and beLIEve the propaganda!  Enough said!



Black Is Beautiful.

White Lies.

…until neXt time.

IRE: Institute for Regional Education

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“…intensive information gathering on every American.  Human experiments with drugs and psycho-surgery, electronic surveillance.  The era of the computer, invasion of privacy.  Growing government and corporate power over our lives, a people plagued of by de-humanizing, loneliness and violence.  Dramatic?  Perhaps.  But we are losing control of our technology and out lives…”

**Note: Did you find that interesting?  I got this snippet from a DVD I don’t even have anymore.  It could be from a film called “Koyaanisqatsi“.  Maybe you could look up the IRE and discover for yourself.  Come on, it’ll be a nice search project for you!  Your always on the internet anyway.  Just don’t allow yourself to get brainwashed.