Un-War On Poverty

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*This post was originally on my old zobop republic Blogger site until Google suspended my Google account. [Screw U Google 😦 ]

The War on Poverty never intended to be a war at all. It was mostly a painfully timid and overly self-conscious assault on the consequences of human misery. The War on Poverty was a vehicle for the perpetuation of the view that poverty was traceable to individual shortcomings on the part of poor people. People are poor because they have no money or power to negotiate with.

George W. Bush May Have Murdered Your Son


The Prosecution of an American President. We have got to convict President G.W. Bush! Before it’s too late! This movies comes out in October 2012.

NATO In Chicago

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You by now should know who and what NATO is:  NATO in Chicago .

As for me;  won’t be there because I don’t want to get arrested, by mistake.  Can’t afford to either!

Will the V.I.P.’s go slumming in the ghetto?  Will the NATO gathering benefit the city?  Too bad they missed the Marilyn Monroe statue.

Marilyn Monroe statue Chicago

I wonder if the Chicago Police will have another police riot!  Well, anyway these are my concerns about NATO in Chicago.  I guess no one will going to work Monday 21st, 2012.