GOP No Longer Party of Lincoln

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Hello zobopians! I’m all for freedom of politics and all but sometimes you have to “kick out the JAMS!”

In today’s rant I’m going to warn the world of fundamentalism. Political and religious. The G.O.P. (Grand Old Party) of today is not legitimate. The Republican party today belongs to the theocrats and the phony sanctimonious shameless power-seekers. Fear and bigotry are their watch words. You’ll hear a Republican claim that they are the party of Abraham Lincoln. Lie! The Republican party no longer adheres to its abolitionist founding, which was the pursuit of freedom for all its citizens. The G.O.P. has become a fundamentalist political party that pursues the restriction of freedom for certain members of our society like women and people of color, as well as the L.G.B.T. community.

I guess this is what happens when the next generation doesn’t pick up where the last generation leaves off.  The next generation, in this case Baby Boomers, hijack a political party and go off in a fundamentalist direction.  The previous generation of Republicans actually were for more equality for women but now they’ve been waging war against women since the 1970’s.  That sounds like a 5th column of women and minority haters.  Fundamentalism in any religion will set society back who knows how far.

Until neXt time…

HeForShe For Who?

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Hi there world zobopians. Do they still shoot young girls for wanting an education in the fundamentalist Middle East?

In 1989(*) a Jordanian fundamentalist said, “Beating a woman does not hurt her dignity. This is impossible, because woman is born without dignity”. That was from 1989! Looks like nothing much has changed since then. Middle Eastern fundamentalism is dangerous for us all, male & female. I wonder if the Republican War on Women are listening.

“If you really want to control the family and the future, then target women”.(*)

(*) From the book ‘Price of Honor’ by Jan Goodwin (c) 1994.
#feminism #HeForShe

Religion Is Dangerous


Hello zobopians! Yes, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted. I’ve been reading and contemplating about women’s studies and religion in regards to women in general. We have the right-wing Christian War On Women. Then there’s Islam with their no respect and/or regard for women. Religion is dangerous for women. I always thought religion, (Christianity), was dangerous for people of African descent. There are people who thought Black people from Africa were cursed all because of some guy named Ham. This biblical person means nothing to me but my slave ancestors have caught Hell for it for 400 years. [“Fundamentalists recognize what Machiavelli and Plato understood: religion can be used to legitimize power.” –From the book I’m reading, ‘Price of Honor’ by Jan Goodwin (1994)]

Religion is dangerous!

“We have just enough religion to make us hate, and not enough to love one another.” –Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

Sigil Zobop Magick

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Hello fellow zobopians! Do you believe in Sigil Magick? If you’re religious, some would say you do. Religious symbols could be taken as a form of magick. Since I’m not religious, who am I to judge? Late last year, 2013, I decided to cross that line, [no pun intended], and create my very own sigil.

zobop republic sigil

zobop republic sigil

Notice: Don’t bother asking me what the letters mean. I have since forgotten. 😉 AbracadabrA!

Angus T Jones & The Preacher

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This whole situation with Angus T. Jones and the preacher is like the cult movie “Martha Marcy May Marlene” but with a Black guy at the center of it all.  🙂

In case the video doesn’t load :
Angus T. Jones rant

Charlie Hebdo And Playing With Fire

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Up until yesterday I never heard of Charlie Hebdo. Who or what is it? Well, the Muslim world sure have heard of it and they don’t like it. As always and right on cue the Muslims get touchy and over-reactive about their savior Muhammad. I assume this all started with the video titled, “Innocence of Muslims”. And it’s been downhill since.

Voltaire once said that religions are subjected to criticism and ridicule. I guess Muslims don’t get that. If Muslims think they can use fear and intimidation to get their way, then they are sadly mistaken! This fear and violence will only take us straight to the Dark Side.

Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo playing with fire!


Playing with fire!