You Gasoline Hoarders are Dumb

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Hello fellow zobopians! The recent Colonial pipeline gasoline shortage only proves that “we the people” need an alternative energy source. For you folks to physically hoard flammable gasoline in your vehicles only shows “we the people” should NEVER put our lives in your dumb hands.

Survival of the dumbest? I doubt it. [Images via Citrus County Fire Rescue.]

So, if you’re hoarding flammable gasoline in plastic containers within your vehicle… YOU’RE. JUST. DUMB!

Until neXt time…

US Republicans are the party of the Big Lie

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Hello fellow zobopians! If you believe in truth then stick around. If NOT, 🤷🏽‍♂️ , oh well! First of all the Democrats need to “clean house” of corrupt politicians and sexual harassers and start telling the truth about the GOP/Republicans.

Clean house Democrats so Republicans can be exposed as the Big Lie. [Photo not mine.]

I hope after the Democrats clean house they won’t squander their political advantage against the Republicans. It’s time to go hard against members of the GOP who are [allegedly] guilty of “sexual harassment” and/or ‘sex trafficking”. For example;  Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) ignored the sexual abuse of athletes and students by a former team doctor during his tenure as the assistant coach of Ohio State’s wrestling team from 1986 to 1994. Why aren’t the Democrats bludgeoning the GOP with this allegation?

Come on Democrats! Use this!

How about the scandal surrounding Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)? Prosecutors are reportedly investigating whether Gaetz had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old and paid for her travel, and payments he and a close associate made to young adult women he had relationships with. Where are the Democrats to use this against the GOP? Are the Democrats even awake?

Gaetz may be involved in sex trafficking! [Allegedly.]

If left side Liberal Democrats wouldn’t spend so much time being “WOKE“, then maybe they could garner leverage over the Big Liar Republicans and their “a world-historical buffoon” former 45th U.S. President. Come on Democrats! WAKE up! I mean really WAKE UP!

If Democrats weren’t such COWARDS and wasting their time with CANCEL CULTURE, they would be able to use the truth and go toe-to-toe with the Big Lie GOP. Democrats don’t need to LIE like the Republicans. No! Let’s use the truth because the TRUTH HURTS. Black, Brown and Asian lives are at stake and dying but fake, phony hipsters would rather get brownie points for being “WOKE”. A predominantly angry white crowd attacked the U.S. Capitol and are practically getting a free pass. Democrats need to go hard and make the Republicans own that insurrection every waking moment in the streets and on social media.

The Big Lie Republican party must be taken to task with the TRUTH!

[Photo chopped and screwed by zobop republic.]

Until neXt time…

Break The Internet, Destroy The Internet

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Hello fellow zobopians! I’m in no hurry to get back on Twitter social media. Who needs all that doom scrolling anyway?

The Internet is broken!

Until neXt time when the internet is broken…

I Can’t Check My Notifications If My Twitter Account Is Locked

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Hello fellow zobopians! 😩🖥 This will be a drive-by post. In and out!

Maybe I’ll wait until there’s a thousand notifications.

Until neXt time…

FOX News Is for Dummies

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Hello fellow zobopians! If you’re paying for satellite or cable television to watch FOX News, is that really a smart way to spend money? FOX News [allegedly] lies to the public and smear people and spread misinformation. Recently a voting machine company, Dominion Voting Systems (DVS), is suing FOX News for $1.6 billion in a defamation lawsuit. DVS claims that FOX News accused the voting company had rigged the 2020 election. And FOX News actually thought people would believe this! Are people ‘this’ dumb? That was NOT a rhetorical question. 😐

FOX News (Is) For Dummies. Am I right?

I personally hope Dominion Voting Systems wins their case. That should stick it to the ghost of Roger Ailes. And people do yourself a favor. Don’t waste good money to pay for lies and deception. STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS!

EAT, BREED AND DECEIVE DUMMIES! [Not paid for by William ‘Bill’ Barker.]

Until neXt time…🥱

To Ad Block or Not to Ad Block

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That is the question fellow zobopians! Is it my fault journalism is dying? If journalistic websites can’t book advertising revenue, then … time to die. ☠

Ad blockers are just doing their job. Ad blocker shaming will get you nowhere.

If you don’t want websites tracking your online movements, then you use ad blockers. If you want to support journalism, then DON’T use ad blockers. We all should know by now that the future is not going to be private for anyone.

[This photo was altered to make a point.]

If you want FREE stuff online, then that makes YOU the product. So go right ahead and ad block to your hearts desire. Who’s really losing? 🤷🏽‍♂️

Until neXt time…

A Critique of Sci Fi Fantasy Tropes

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Hello fellow zobopians! Welcome to Covid-19 year two. I sure you folks have had plenty of time to think about… whatever since you can’t really go anywhere. 😷 I on the other hand think about a lot of things. Although it doesn’t translate into a blog post, until today. I couldn’t help recently to notice in the Science Fiction/Fantasy art world there is a gendered stereotype/trope. In this era of #MeToo and #TimesUp I would think that almighty Hollywood would’ve noticed too.

I’ve notice in some Sci-Fi/Fantasy artwork a male character stands or hovers above a female character with or without some weapon. 😉🤫 The pictures below should show it will take a long time to change minds in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy artworld. This trope is practically written in stone over many generations. Anyway good luck changing minds New Generation. [Disclaimer: All pictures may be subject to copyright by their respective owners.]

Male character with weapon. Female kneeling beneath him.
Afrocentric imagery has the same trope. Female down beneath male character.
Even the Beastmaster does this. Women get no equity.
Well, of course Conan the Barbarian does this. He’s a barbarian!
No surprise here. It’s Heavy Metal magazine. The masters of this kind of trope.
Yes, the Sci-Fi Fantasy aliens know the deal. Man above, woman beneath.
I think the girl/woman is suppose to be a slave.
The man with weapon above, woman beneath him rolls on and on.
The manly man with weapon tends to involve dead characters beneath the couple.
Sometimes there’s a spirit character hovering above the weaponized man. I hope the woman is O.K.
This place called GOR obviously likes fantasy slave girls.
Even Star Wars is guilty. Father Vader hovers above son Luke with sister Leia kneeling below.
Are we getting the picture now. Dead bodies below scantily clad fantasy couple.
Ah crap, here we go again! Boring stereotype!
Well, well, well. You didn’t see this one coming did you? Woman above! This was the only exception I could find so far.

That’s all for now. But remember, it’s really time to change the Sci-Fi Fantasy paradigm. It’s getting tired. Until neXt time…

Guess The Color Code Message

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Hello fellow zobopians!  Since I was blocked out of my Twitter account now I can really have some fun with the First Amendment.  See if you can guess the Color Code Message.

Color Code Message

No hints here!

until neXt comment…

Stop Watching FOX News, You Dummies!

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Hi there fellow zobopians!  Well since I can’t tweet on Twitter until my account becomes unlocked, I’ll have to unlock my writer’s block. **Pun intended**

You Fox dummies have got to stop watching and believing Laura Ingraham.  She’s an “evil ugly” person.  I think she just loves being contrarian.  Wait…who am I kidding?  She’s evil as f**k!

Seig Heil Ingraham

Laura Ingraham seig heil salute! [Looks like one though.]

I don’t like her arrogant hypocritical attitude with Black athletes.  She once told basketball star LeBron James to shut up a dribble while giving white football athlete Drew Brees the benefit of the doubt with her,

“he is allowed to have his view” and “is a person and has some worth.” 

Contrarian or racist? Or both??

DEFUND FOX NEWS by no longer watching them!

Hi dummy!

The FOX channel television program. STOP WATCHING THEM!

…until neXt time…

What the Hell Twitter?

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Hello fellow zobopians!  Another day being locked out of my Twitter account.  I hate Twitter algorithms!  This is how people can be silenced.  Once you’re kicked out it’s hard as Hell to get back in.

Still locked out of Twitter!

What the fu** Twitter?

…until neXt time…I’ll have to consider getting another social media account.

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