Mom And The Gift Of Giving


Hello fellow zobopians from around the world. Yeah, I pay attention to my World Map at the bottom right there.

Anyway, I just want to remind you that Mothers Day, (at least in the U.S.), is May 11th, 2014.  (And I just realized Parents Days was on May 8th in South Korea.)  But hey, New News…Most Moms like to give to others, so give your Mom the gift of giving at Cheerful Givers where your donation allows a less fortunate Mom to give her child a gift on their birthday.

It can be the gift that keeps on giving.

Cheerful Givers


American Amber F(x)


Even though Amber is a member of the Korean K-pop group, she was born and raised in America.  F(x) is what you would call an International music group since the five members are not all from Korea.  Now, if you really are an F(x) fan, you should now this!

F(x) Members

F(x) : Victoria, Amber, Krystal, Sulli, Luna

What I really wanted to emphasize is that Amber Liu is an American. Maybe fans of the group don’t care about this fact because everyone is so enamored with Amber. (Does enamor rhyme with Amber?)  Anyway, here’s my enamored tribute to Amber:

American Amber Ale

American Amber Ale

zobop Disclaimer : I don’t encourage drinking liquor.

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Ode To Amber Of(x)


Today’s post is an Ode to Amber of the Kpop idol group F(x).

At first I paid no mind to the K-pop group F(x). (Don’t get me wrong, they’re all pretty to look at.) It’s the presence of Amber J. Liu that presents confusion and excitement. Her intoxicating being is a mixture of the coquettish and non-conformity. This infatuation is proof of the psyche that Amber is able to reach and disturb. No other woman, I’m aware of, seems like this! Amber stirs up desires that feel EVIL. But it’s an evil that does good. I’ll stay interested and curious for more of Amber. Until that day. 🙂

The above Youtube video was posted by “kneil79” March 30, 2011.

Fooling Communists Is Easy

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Sexiest Man Alive says The Onion

North Korea Leader

Way to go Communism! Good job on Total Information Awareness and all that commie police intelligence. 😦

Chinese media fell for the Onion ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ spoof. 🙂 Haven’t the Chinese ever heard of The Onion paper? Does China understand satire? This doesn’t mean the Chinese are not intelligent, they just don’t get satire and spoofing. Fooling Commies is easy!

f(x) Live 2009


When has anyone seen the K pop group f(x) with a live band? Now you know.

PSY : Gangnam Style

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I just saw PSY on the TODAY Show this morning performing his K-pop hit, Gangnam Style!


PSY on TODAY Show, September 14, 2012.

Sea Of Korea, Sea Of Japan

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East Sea

Sea of Korea?

Will this dispute over a body of water lead to a sea war? Japan doesn’t seem to be having good luck with water. They are still repairing after the tsunami of 2011. I don’t think Japan should get into a fight over water!

Sea of Japan

Sea of Japan?

Read more about it at: REUTERS

K Population Explosion


Why do Korean Pop groups have so many members?

From an American viewpoint, most, (my opinion), U.S. singing groups have at least 5 {five} members or less.  With too many members in these K-Pop groups, it’s not easy to care for anyone.  I can learn the names of the members of F(x) for example (they have 5 members).  K-Pop groups like Super Junior (13 members) or Girls Generation (9 members) have too many members to connect to.  It doesn’t mean I hate them; just too many members that get lost in the group line up.

Then there is another K-Pop group, T-ara, that will be adding 2 {two} new members to become a 9 member singing group.  K pop-ulation explosion!

F(x) members


Super Junior

Super Junior

Girls Generation

Girls Generation



Rodney King Death


Rodney King was beaten to an inch of his life 20 years ago in Los Angeles.  And yet he survived all this time just to drown in his swimming pool!  This man was to start a tour to promote his new book.  To me there is something suspicious about this man’s death.  Mr. King was 47 years old.  His book is titled:  “The Riot Within: My Journey From Rebellion to Redemption”

He spoke about his experience on the L.A. riots on a Korean TV show, Real Talk, on the 19th year anniversary.

F(x) Nu ABO [live]

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If you don’t know me, zobop, by now you should know I’m so into this Korean girl group F(x). 🙂

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