Looking For America? Corporate America Isn’t Looking For You.

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Hello fellow zobopians! Long time no see, you know how I be. After the election of *President* Trump, I’ve been at a loss of words. Now that we all know what a “white backlash” looks and feels like, I guess I have some thoughts on the subject now.

Most white working class Americans voted for Donald “art of the deal” Trump because well, they think he’s actually good at the art of the deal. Just look at how *President* Trump has been acting. Corporate-minded fools like Trump think they can just treat government like a business.  You can’t!  In government there’s going to be push-back when you fire someone because of a lack of loyalty. But here’s the thing. You can’t expect cult of personality loyalty in government! That would be authoritarianism! But that’s what the white working class-less Americans got. And now all these white working class Americans are yelling and crying for their Affordable Care Act (ACA) healthcare plans. They just didn’t like that it was called “Obamacare”. Obamacare was just a nickname for the ACA. Same thing! Duh?


art saves lives

Looking for America – [art saves lives]

I’m sure most citizens also voted for Trump because they think he’s “going to bring jobs back”.  Right.  I guess these foolish Americans also think segregation is going to come back too.  [Don’t we already have that, again?]  Let me just state this loud and clear, “jobs are not coming back to America!”  Corporate America isn’t looking for you Americans!  This is why they want (cheap labor) immigrants.  Of course the U.S. companies claim they can’t find employees.  You can read their excuse.  [They ain’t looking for you fool!]  The corporate bosses don’t want you.  They don’t want to pay to train/re-train you.  Building a wall or stopping people from certain countries won’t stop corporate America from getting the cheap labor it wants.

Corp. USA

Get back to work training your replacement!

I guess it’s obvious now that the Almighty Globalization didn’t raise everyone’s boats.  It only lowered everyone’s wages.  U.S. business gets at least half the blame for all of this.  That means the other half of the blame falls on the rest of us for not adapting to the Almighty Third-Wave Economy.  Read that report here.

As you can see I’ve been thinking about this a long now.  It took me this long to finally get it out on blog.  I hope enough people read this because corporate America is looking.  Until neXt time…

Corp. map

Map of corporate America

I’m not tapping for anybody!

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Hello fellow zobopians!  For those of you who live in the financially broke Windy City of Chicago…listen up!  How many of you have been asked to tap your C.T.A. Ventra bus card to let somebody on the bus or train?  Or maybe you’re the one doing the asking!  The ones who do the asking, most times, seem to want to offer at least a dollar to let them on the transport.  In Chicago the fare is $2.25 (USD).  I’m not spending two dollars to get one dollar.  How stupid do people think I am?  Either these people don’t have the full fare or they don’t want to pay the full fare.  To let let someone else, plus yourself, to get on the bus or train, you going to have to tap your Ventra card twice.  That’s money your spending…for $1 (USD)!  Nope!

So…listen up Chicagoans!  If you don’t have the full transit fare or don’t want to pay up, then you’re not getting anywhere.  At least not on my two dollars and a quarter!


P.S.  Double tapping the Ventra transit card is considered fraud and your card could get suspended.

The Jane Addams I didn’t know

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Hello fellow world zobopians!  Do you even like being called a zobopian?  If you follow this blog, you’re one!

Well anyway, it’s the start of yet another school year for Public Schools…what’s left of them.  Public schools are being closed and replaced by charter schools so fast it makes me wonder how long until the death of public institutions in America.  Public Housing is pretty much gone and buried…I mean privatized.  Remember New Orleans?  O.K. I’m getting off target here.  I just recently learned the community organizer Jane Addams was the head of a teachers pension fund way back in 1905.  You can read about the history of her and the fund below.  It’s sad after more than a hundred years America is still having a problem of giving teachers their due.

The Chicago Tribune featured a Perspective piece written by CTPF Executive Director Charles A. Burbridge in the September 17, 2015, edition. The text of the article appears below:
In 1905, the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund faced a crisis. There wasn’t enough money coming in to pay for retirement benefits.

The president of the pension fund, Jane Addams – yes, the famous community organizer – turned to the Illinois General Assembly for help. A landmark law passed in 1907 required employees and employers to contribute to the fund and set up an elected pension board to oversee investments.

The retirement security that Addams protected for teachers is at risk again.

Pension holidays taken by Chicago Public Schools and approved by lawmakers have capsized the system and will cost taxpayers billions of dollars to correct. It’s just the kind of action Addams sought to guard against more than 100 years ago.

We must protect our teachers and the taxpayers from these shortsighted decisions.

The first step: Stop talking about CPS declaring bankruptcy. That’s a diversion from the real issues of education policy and funding. CPS bankruptcy – essentially allowing the state to insulate itself from the problem that it helped create – would be morally reprehensible. There are many parties responsible for this crisis. No one should be allowed to simply walk away.

The second step: Take three legislative actions to fix the system and prevent future funding failures. Those three actions are:
  • Make payments to the Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund mandatory by law. Pension funds across the country have something in common: Payments are mandated and the funds have strong tools to use if a payment is missed. Pension payments are not optional; they are promised to Chicago’s schoolteachers as part of their contract. We have to stop pitting today’s teachers against yesterday’s teachers. Lawmakers, city and school leaders must recognize that teacher compensation and retirement funding are one in the same.
  • Commit to an actuarial-based funding plan that covers annual contributions and unfunded liability. Fully funded pension plans let experts (actuaries) determine the annual contribution needed to keep the plans stable. The Chicago teachers’ fund is in a hole. We must stop digging. The problem was created by pension holidays. It can’t be solved by more pension holidays.
  • Make monthly payments to the pension fund, not a once-a-year payment. Pension plans work when today’s benefits are paid by yesterday’s contributions and investment earnings, and today’s contributions are invested to pay for tomorrow’s benefits. Prudent investment practices demand that payments to the fund provide a constant stream of revenue that can be invested throughout the year. Monthly payments would save Chicago taxpayers tens of millions annually.
A century ago, Addams knew that for Chicago to thrive, teachers’ pensions needed to be protected. If we are to thrive for the next century, that fundamental principle must never again be forgotten.
Source : Chicago Tribune, September 17, 2015

One Minute Of Volunteering – May 2015

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1 Million Kids – CheerfulGivers

Hello fellow world zobopians!  It’s been almost a year and a half since I became a virtual volunteer for the charitable organization Cheerful Givers.  [I haven’t forgotten.]  It only takes but a minute to think about giving a minute of your time.

So, will you join in helping Cheerful Givers to give a Happy Birthday to One Million less fortunate kids?  Every $10 brings us one child closer to reaching this goal by the end of May. www.cheerfulgivers.org/give

Need your help to reach Cheerful Givers  goal of giving birthday gifts to One Million less fortunate kids since the organization began.  Any donation helps at www.cheerfulgivers.org/give

More at : https://www.facebook.com/cheerfulgivers or https://twitter.com/cheerfulgivers – @cheerfulgivers

Until neXt time…

America: Communist Little Helper


Back again today for another thought stream.  Wake up world zobopians!

America is [and have always been] helping Communist around the world.  [Soviet Russia, Vietnam, China, plus most other Marxist regimes.]  The American government have been moving heaven and earth to bring more trade [and trade secrets] to Communist China.  [It won’t end with IBM selling off its computer division to become Lenovo in China.]  Remember when Yahoo and Cisco tried to sell technology to prop-up the communist status quo?  Rupert Murdoch [FOX Corp] has been doing that for years so he could sell TV to Chinese viewers.  But to do that you have to give in to the communist rules.  What?

Even merchants like Wal-Mart are helping too.  They out-source manufacturing jobs and other forms of loss-of-jobs only to help keep these communist regimes in power.  Russian communist revolutionaries long ago gladly took Capitalist money.  That means the Cold War was a joke.

Just resently Lenovo was caught and accused of putting adware on their laptop computers.  My opinion is, China will succeed where V.I. Lenin’s Soviet Russia failed.

A link for you check out about the Cold War pretense.

War On Poverty Is Phony Pretense


Hello fellow world zobopians!  I haven’t posted in a while because I didn’t think I had anything important to say…until now.

The War on Poverty is a War on Poor People

The war on poverty never intended to be a war at all.  It was mostly a painfully timid and overly self-conscious assault on the consequences of human misery.  The war on poverty was [and probably still is] a vehicle for the perpetuation of the view that poverty was traceable to individual shortcomings on the part of poor people.  People are poor because they have no money or power to negotiate with.

When the poor eat the rich, what will rich people taste like?

Until neXt time…

The Real Socialist CREEPs

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Greetings fellow world zobopians! For any one who’s been reading this blog should have figured out by now I’m a ‘little’ Left-Of-Center in my political outlook. Because these so-called Conservatives, Right-wing Republicans do not represent the party of Abraham Lincoln. That legacy ended when those southern Dixiecrats bigots high-jacked the G.O.P. in the early 1960’s. That was called the “Southern Strategy”. Today’s modern day conservative cries out that left style Liberals are socialist. The power of language can truly be used to confuse average citizens. Critical thinking is very important when ones life hangs in the political balance. The slick-n-slimy G.O.P. can get hard working people to vote against their own economic self-interest. And look what they have to show for it: No jobs. College debt with no prospect for a job.

The following statement shows real critical thinking:

One of the ironies of American politics is that our conservative party, the Republicans, is a mirror image, structurally, of Western Europe’s Socialist and Communist parties.” **

This statement was said by columnist Richard Reeves during George H. W. Bush’s 1988 Presidential campaign. [And yet he won anyway.] Obviously no one learned or listened back then. Nowadays, again, it’s always some right-wing ideologue calling poor people or Liberals “socialist” and yet it’s the Republicans and conservatives who are the CREEPing socialists.

WAKE UP AMERICANS!  There’s still a Republican war on!


*More zobop commentary: For all the sanctimonious Pro-Life citizens of America, doesn’t that make you/them Pro-Sex? Sex and women’s reproductive topics shouldn’t be awkward and discomforting by people who claim to be so full of morality.

For all the hypocritical citizens who want government out of your life, then don’t let misogynist policy turn over reproductive rights to the government! This means you REPUBLICANS!

**Required reading: The Republican War Against Women (c) 1996 by Tanya Melich. This is where I got the quote from.

War On Women

Republican War Against Women

GOP War On Women

Stop War On Women



Happy New Year fellow zobopians!  It took me some time to get my blogging juices flowing for 2015.  And the best I can do is a photo opportunity.  Anything for the topic of the minimum wage for the working poor.  Let’s face it, anybody working at minimum wage is poor. That’s the way the “powers that be” want it.



*Click picture to enlarge reading experience.

What Histories Do You Read America?


Hello fellow zobopians! So, what histories do you read? History or His, Story? Are Black citizens ever going to be a part of history or anybody’s story? We’re aware that the victors write the history. Unfortunately it’s not accurate. You know, “just the facts.” The losers or former slaves don’t get to write history. It’s no wonder people can feel like they’re left out, #BlackLivesMatter.

– – –
“…What histories do you read, Gus? Tell me about the history of the American armed forces, and I can show you how important Negroes were to those forces; tell me about the history of American economics and I can show you where Negroes made up the bulk of those economies by being poor or left out of them altogether; tell me about the history of religion of America, and I can show you where, as long as there have been Negroes in this hemisphere, religion has been an absolute lie; tell me about the history of American politics, and I can show you where American politics would be vastly different today if Negroes had had a real voice in them…” –Chapter 24 from the book ‘The Man Who Cried I Am’ by John A. Williams (1967)

– – –
*Note: We don’t use the term Negro anymore, it’s an old term from an old time. Until neXt time…

Goodluck Scam


Hey zobopians! I’ve got another scam alert for you. Come on people! Nobody from email address gethere2@gmx.com is going to pay you $13.5 million. You’ve been warned! Message below as is:

Attn: Beneficiary


Following the protest of the International Community and United Nations, The World Bank, IMF/European Union and the instruction from the President and Commander in Chief of the armed forces federal republic of Nigeria (DR. GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN) says that all outstanding foreign debts especially lottery winning,inheritance and contract fund should be released to the beneficiaries account henceforth without any further delays.

From the records of outstanding contracts and inheritance/ lottery winning fund due for payment with the United Kingdom (UK) and Government of Nigeria,United States Government and United Nations which your name and company was discovered as next of kin on the list of the outstanding contractors whose payment have not been received their funds up to date. I wish to inform you that your payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter and also note that from the record in my file, your outstanding contract payment is (Thirteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) US$13.5M.

You are please, re-confirm to him if this is in line with what you have in your file and once again furnish us with the stated information below.

The Information requested for the wire transfer of your fund to be provided by you are below:




As soon as this information are received from you as the beneficiary, your fund will be process within 24hrs without any delay. Now you are directed and inform as the beneficiary of the above stated amount valued US$13.5M by a Wire Transfer Payment to finalize the release of your fund. Our official paying bank and directors name to contact is hereby stated below for you to contact with your details.

You are to contact Dr. Charles Menard for directive with your full details as instructed by the above:

contact Person: Mr.CHARLES H. MENARD.
Position: Director International Remittance Department
Email Address: gethere2@gmx.com

Contact him immediately you receive this mail for further directives on how to receive the payment from our offshore payment center.


Mr.William Japhet.

Minister OF INFORMATION AND Communication on Foreign Contract And Inheritance Fund
**Message Header:**
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