Happy New Year World – Especially You Kpop South Korea!

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Hello fellow zobopians and Happy New Year!  That’s one Hell of a blog title.  What I didn’t put into the title block was the fact this post is about mental health issues around America and …well, South Korea.

Let me try to explain.

First, from Chicago the previous Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, closed %50 of the mental health facilities when he became mayor during his first term in office. My opinion is Chicago doesn’t care about mental health!  And with, more people will get shot & killed by police when having a mental health issue!  Now the new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, wants to re-open the mental health centers…I wish her good luck.

Next, the Kpop of South Korea : I’m a fan of some Kpop groups.  One in particular was, and still is, the all female group F(x).  The member who goes by the name of Sulli committed suicide in October.  She was very outspoken about female empowerment and other things BUT conservative society of South Korea would not except that from a young woman.  *SHAME*  The social media netizens wouldn’t let her be either!  I guess the pressure of gas-lighting and being told to stay in her place got the best of her.  Another Kpop star, Goo Hara, also committed suicide one month after Sulli.  It seems obvious that South Korea has a mental health issue.

As for the rest of America and the world, mental health issues will only get worst because of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder brought on by war and the displacement of those wars.  I don’t have have all the answers but I’m aware of the situation.

…until neXt time and next year in 2020.

[Technically I’m writing this post on December 31st, 2019 but the post date might already read January 1st 2020 already.]  🤷🏽‍♂️ 😬

Jussie Smollett is NOT a credit to his race

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Well hello fellow zobopians!  This will be a Black History Month no one will forget.  On second thought, I’m sure most Black Americans will want to forget this one.  I am disappointed in the “messed-up-in-the-head Jussie Smollett.  He deserves an Oscar this Sunday for his “performance”.  During a TV interview on ABC television Smollett said he’s an advocate.  Far as I’m concerned, he’s a traitor to the citizens he claims he advocates for.  He has done a disservice to all REAL victims!  The MAGA-white-nationalist will have a field day with this for a long time and will bring up this episode to gaslight future victims. *MAKES ME SICK!*


until neXt time….

A Nation Of Panhandlers


Hello fellow zobopians. I’ve been gathering my thoughts on this subject: panhandlers. Are we becoming a Nation of Panhandlers? Is the American economy that bad? I would think so when I walk/travel through my community in Chicago. It seems like everyone, (male and female; young and old), is constantly asking me for spare change. Walking down a lonely street or whatever, in some instance I’m the only one in sight, I’ll pass another pedestrian and I get asked if I have money to give to him. It just seems so casual-like. It makes me feel uneasy.

Most panhandlers are on busy street corners or standing/sitting in front of businesses to increase their chances of getting some hand-out. I encounter too many casual pedestrians just walking down the street, like me, asking for money in a way that comes off as to uncomfortable for me. Recently I was walking home and came across a store-front residence, where people live, and there was a guy standing in front of what I assume was a stair landing and he just ask me for spare change. In front of his home! Seriously, is this crappy economy this bad when citizens are panhandling in front of their home?

Now, lets pause. I don’t mind giving anybody my spare change to someone. It’s no big deal unless I really need the money for myself. (I’m not rich.)

I’m just beginning to sense a bad habit forming among people that comes off like a “third world” type of behavior. This is the USA for crying out loud! I’m not oblivious that America is in a Funk Economic Depression! If this country doesn’t get its economic affairs in order, this panhandling is going to become a bad habit. People need jobs & money so they won’t have to panhandle to every Tom, Dick & Harry.

I guess this ends my writers block. Until next time…

Yes! I said Funk Economic Depression. That’s not a mis-spelling of the F-word. We are in a Funk, you know that!

Sham Chicago


Hello fellow zobopians! Time for a citizens political rant. I’m on a roll with rants this month, aren’t I? (That might be bad English.) Anyway…

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel gets to spend $55 million in property taxes for a swanky new Marriott hotel in the South Loop. Meanwhile…Chicago citizens might have to pay higher property taxes to finance pension funds for public employees. What the hell am I missing? Chicago citizens are getting fleeced and ripped-off when it comes to any kind of taxes! Taxes and higher fees and we have nothing to show for it! Except potholes and falling bridge overpasses.

And on top of all that, Illinois companies get tax breaks and public subsidies. No jobs or business expansion to show for it. NOTHING. TO. SHOW. FOR! What a SHAM!

Inspired by post/article in : http://www.chicagoreader.com/Bleader/archives/2014/04/11/my-gift-to-mayor-rahm

March Like A Lion

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Hello fellow zobopians. Old Man winter just won’t go away! This wet snow storm is too early to be an April Fools joke. 😦 One can die of a heart attack with wet snow. Say it!…wet snow got to go. And now, time for pictures!

Stay Frosty

Stay Frosty

Frosty Garage

Frosty Garage

P.S. Old Man winter, meet Mother Nature.

Who Watches The Watchers?

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Good day fellow zobopians. Yes, that’s what I’m calling you all now, ‘zobopians’. It has a nice ring to it. Today’s thought is; Who watches the watchers?

Cameras aren’t the only surveillance devices spreading in our cities. Around the country, (and world), police departments are using devices with sound pickup. The microphone devices can pinpoint bursts of gunfire and also the sound of human voices.

If you want to live in a transparent society, we must answer the question:
Will average citizens share, along with the powers that be, the right to access these universal monitors? Will common folk have, and exercise, a sovereign power to “watch the watchers”?

surveillance camera

Chicago camera

Chicago Schools Wishbone


Hold the students by the legs and pull.  That’s what every Chicago school student should feel like, a wishbone.  But they don’t always get what they wish for.

Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) are offering job opportunities for city youth while at the same time CPS is going ahead with 100 job cuts at the Central Office, mostly staff positions.  This is in order to save $52.3 million.  The staff cuts are permanent and the youth jobs are temporary.  All this economic back-and-forth with nothing to show for it!  [I guess that’s just my opinion.]

Chicago Teachers Union @ http://www.ctunet.com/

Chicago Public Schools @ http://www.cps.edu/Pages/home.aspx

Hooded Culture: A Comparison

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*This stream of thought permits me a “terse” American cultural comparison between the past and contemporary society. Am I the only one who notices?

Social violence of whites and blacks have disturbing similarities.

Pre-1960’s through early 1980’s:

  1. Blacks find white hooded culture, (Ku Klux Klan), intimidating.
  2. White’s didn’t want Blacks going to their Public Schools.
  3. White youth groups, (i.e. gangs [Chicago’s Gaylords]), harassed and threatened Blacks from crossing street boundaries. Resorted to violence at times.
  4. White Flight; most whites left the city, for the suburbs, leaving a poor tax base.  No revenue for resources.

1990’s through early 21st century:

  1. Blacks find Hip Hop hoodie culture malevolent and intimidating, at times.
  2. Black communities don’t want privately run charter schools closing down and taking control of neighborhood Public Schools.
  3. Black youth groups, (i.e. gangs or cliques), harass and intimidate other Blacks from crossing street boundaries.  They have been using violence ever since.
  4. Due to high incarceration, (county jails & prisons), and high home foreclosures, Black communities are losing residents.  These plus unemployment and poverty creates a poor tax base.  No revenue for resources.  [Chicago’s Black citizens have been in decline].

I can’t think of any more examples now. But I’m sure I’ll notice more in the future. But seriously, am I the only one who notices?

Insulting Chicago

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Insulting Chicago poster

If you are from Chicago, you just got insulted! 🙂

Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters @Tumblr

Come See Chicago’s Wacker

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People of America, people of the world!  Come to Chicago and see our Wacker!  Wacker Drive that is.  🙂  The new and improved Wacker Drive is now officially open after 3 years of re-construction and renovation.  At a cost of $300 million dollars commuters can now get to the east side of Chicago.

Wacker Drive

Wacker Drive, Chicago

The Blues Brothers chase through Lower Wacker Drive. Before re-construction:

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