The Elitist Left & the Alt-Right: Throw them all under the bus

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Hello fellow zobopians!  Now that election hell-week is over I can now focus on other things about the future of humanity.  But first, let’s get to know the players I’ll be ranting about today.

Bill Ayers : an American elementary education theorist and a former leader in the counterculture movement who opposed US involvement in the Vietnam War.  He was also linked to President Barack Obama during his first term election.  I guess we can classify him as Leftist.(?)

Jeremiah Wright : a pastor emeritus of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, with a congregation exceeding 6,000.

Steve Bannon : an American businessman and media executive. He is the executive chairman of Breitbart News, a far-right American news, opinion and commentary website noted for its connection to the alt-right.

Now that we know the players, let’s play “throw them all under the bus”!

Bill Ayers?  Yeah remember him?  He was the Left-wing radical who was accused of influencing President Obama during his heyday as a community organizer.  The right-wing nuts wanted Obama to throw him under a bus and disavow Ayers.

Reverend Wright was seen and heard saying, “God damn America” in a sermon.  President Obama & family used to go to this church long ago.  Of course when the video of this sermon went public, media critics basically expected Obama to throw Rev. Wright under a bus to distance himself from and disavow Wright.

Now let me just stop here…the two men above, (one white, the other Black), may have had influence on Obama or not.  It doesn’t matter because these two DID NOT get cabinet positions in the White House!  On the other hand…

…There’s Steve Bannon!  This Alt-Right freak once told Donald Trump, [“You got to remember, we’re Breitbart,” he told Trump. “We’re the knownothing vulgarians. So we’ve always got to be to the right of you on this.”]  This guy get’s a cabinet position next to President Trump so he can bend his ear to the alt-right!  NOPE!  The American media and it’s “woke” citizens need to make Trump throw this guy under the bus!  Trump should not be given a pass on this matter.

Mississippi “God Damn America” indeed!

Another Year Another Black History Month

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Hello fellow world zobopians! Yep, It’s another Black History Month…2015 edition. And what do WE, (Negroes, Colored folk, people of color, African American, …etc., aargh), have to show for it? What have we accomplished? Please do not mention the election of Barack Obama as the 1st Black President! He’s not Superman.

With all the social unrest over the situation in Ferguson, Missouri and a Black man being choked to death in New York state and other places, we as Black people haven’t changed the perception, (to white people), that we deserve ‘Respect & Regard’ for our lives. Yes, I know “we as a people” have accomplished much. It’s in the arena of social perception that we have failed. White people are still afraid of Black people! It’s “cause & effect”. If people are still apprehensive of Black people (cause), then people will mis-treat us with deadly consequences (effect).

When non-Black people are are “still” afraid of…Black people, then Black Lives Don’t Matter! It all comes down to PERCEPTION. How does the world perceive Black people? Are we a threat? Other people are threats too.

In this world ALL LIVES MATTER. So this Black History Month we should learn as much about the history of a social group we sometimes call…the Black Diaspora. When you learn Black History you learn how the world really works.

Until neXt time…#BlackLivesMatter…

Hello Swing State Ohio

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Boycott Koch Brothers!

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Thanks to for the inspiration to this point of view.

Who are the Koch brothers?

They are two ultra-conservative billionaire siblings who are attempting to flood the upcoming election with over $100 million in negative ads to beat President Barack Obama and other Democrats.  they are also major contributors of the Tea Party, the new voter ID laws that aim to oppress the minority and elderly vote and the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law.

It’s understood that everyone has a right to their political views but the Koch brothers are using money given by (poor) consumers and minority groups to oppress citizens.  We should no longer allow consumer dollars to advance conservative views and political agendas.

It’s time to boycott Koch consumer products!

Products owned by Koch Brothers:

  • Angel soft toilet paper
  • Brawny paper towels
  • Dixie products
  • Mardie Gras products
  • Quilted Northern paper products
  • Soft’n Gentle paper products
  • Sparkle napkins
  • Vanity Fair products
  • Zee napkins
    Angel Soft

    Angel Soft product


    Brawny paper product

    Vanity Fair

    Vanity Fair product


NATO In Chicago

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You by now should know who and what NATO is:  NATO in Chicago .

As for me;  won’t be there because I don’t want to get arrested, by mistake.  Can’t afford to either!

Will the V.I.P.’s go slumming in the ghetto?  Will the NATO gathering benefit the city?  Too bad they missed the Marilyn Monroe statue.

Marilyn Monroe statue Chicago

I wonder if the Chicago Police will have another police riot!  Well, anyway these are my concerns about NATO in Chicago.  I guess no one will going to work Monday 21st, 2012.  

Scratching Ted Nugent

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Rocker Ted Nugent recently made some anti-Obama

Ted Nugent

Nugent investigated by Secret Service

statements that the U.S. Secret Service sit up and take notice.  He was questioned and allowed to go.

As far as I’m concerned Ted Nugent should not be allowed to come to Chicago, IL on June 24th, 2012 for a concert at the Charter One Pavilion.  No one should be able to make anti-President statements without some repercussions.

Charter One needs to be shamed in public!

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