The REAL Secret of White Castle Hamburgers! circa (1977)

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Hello fellow foodie zobopians!  For those who love White Castle hamburgers will enjoy this.  I believe the internet needs this!  There are 9 steps to the making of the infamous “sliders”.  Feast yours eyes!  Too corny? 😬💯

White Castle

The Secret of the White Castle Hamburger


White Castle Hamburgers

9 Steps to Making White Castle Hamburgers

I like to see White Castle stop me from exposing their secret. 😃

…until neXt time…

Fox News really is For Dummies!

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Hello fellow zobopians!  And for the rest of you who are addicted to watching Fox News…Hi dummy!

Fox News for dummies!

Fox News For Dummies

Enough said for now…

until neXt time…until then follow me on Twitter: @zobop_republic