It’s always about the money! Mo’ money & nothing to show for it!


I was scrolling down Facebook and came across this short video of a Ted Talk. I decided to watch it because it was a young black woman speaking, and that pretty much always catches my attention. The first sentence she said got me, I was sucked in.

“Why is it that 5000 units of our currency is only worth one unit of your currency, when we are the ones with the actual gold reserves?” 

I was like, Hell yea! Why is our currency worth so much more?? Africa has all the resources.

And then I was mesmerized by her voice, and her public speaking skills.

She doesn’t raise her voice. She makes sure that she has your full attention so that you can really listen to her, not just hear her. She is self-assured and sassy with her pursed lips and neck snaps. Most importantly, she is unapologetic.

So meet…

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