A Letter to Jooheon [CC: Wendy, Many Other Korean Entertainers & White America]

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Shame of a (Korean Nation!”

Technoparasites: We paid, they profit

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I never knew corporate welfare was this BIG. Wow!

eats shoots 'n leaves

The “innovative” corporations so admired by neoliberal capitalism and its cheerleaders in the Forth Estate are innovators, but not so much of technology but of ways to package it, then in using some of the profits they’ve made off taxpayer-funded research into changing laws to make ever more profits while those who paid for all that research are driven deeper into economic despair.

If you consider all that a bit harsh, then pay close attention to the dissection of an iPhone during the first part of this latest documentary from the Dutch public television documentary series VPRO Backlight:

VPRO Backlight: The Smart State

Program notes:

We think new technology is developed by hip companies like Google and Apple. But is this true? VPRO Backlight explores the innovation climate in Europe, to find out what role governments and the private sector play in this. Who finances the development, and who…

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