Man O’ man, are they out to get us & you! Hello fellow zobopians! I don’t know what a link purporting to warn me about something has a name , ; notice the word “install” in the link name? Did you notice it’s mis-spelled?

Here’s the e-mail below I received from their server :
DISCLAIMER: Don’t go to the above link, it could be dangerous! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

Dear Reader,

Get ready.

Because a major scandal has broken.

It has to do with what we believe to be a conspiracy between the U.S. government and some of the biggest food producers in America.

This topic of this story is so controversial, Fox News banned a story on it from being aired… and fired the two reporters who covered it.

If you’re happy with the president, do not watch this presentation.

This could be the one that finally brings him down.

[CLICK HERE] for the shocking story.

I’m warning you, though. What you’re about to see might turn your stomach.


Doug Hill
Director, Laissez Faire Club

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