Hello fellow zobopians. I’ve been reading a collection of history books called ‘Sex and Race’, volumes 1 through 3. Written and self published by J. A. Rogers (1942). Some of the passages don’t really surprise me but I’ve learned things that were never taught in history classes I ever had.  [So much for Black studies.]

I learned of a point of view from a blog post that a modern-day Black woman’s worth is only $5 (U.S.). Seriously? During the era of slavery a white woman couldn’t fetch more than $5. But hey…that was when white’s were sold as slaves too. Yep, that’s right!

Are today’s white women envious of Black women? Here’s an excerpt from page 214 from ‘Sex and Race’, vol. 2 :

“There is a soft, winning, captivating way about some of these colored girls that makes them perfectly irresistible. I don’t wonder at the envy, rage, and jealousy of our white women, they can’t help being conscious of their inferiority in this respect.”

Did you know that this kind of behavior led to broken marriages and divorce during the slave era?  Yes…white women left their husbands because the white men couldn’t keep their hands off the Black female slaves.  Ironic isn’t it?

It kind of makes you wonder about the so-called War on Women these days.