From Newark To Ferguson


Hello zobopians! History always seem to have a way of repeating itself. In 1967 Newark a young kid, Joe Bass Jr., was gunned down in the streets during the riots there. Fast forward to 2014 Ferguson, Missouri and another young kid gets gunned down in the street. No less by cops in both situations! We never seem to learn from our own or anyone’s mistakes. We citizens of Black America keep crossing the same rivers of blood. Our own blood no less.

Here are two pictures from LIFE magazine, 1967, to ponder the ‘deja vu’ of our existence in America.

LIFE magazine 1967

young kid gunned down in Newark 1967

LIFE magazine 1967

cover of LIFE magazine 1967

Not a Tea Party, a Confederate Party


My thoughts on how the two major political parties switched. Blame President Richard Nixon when he sold out to Southerner Strom Thurmond. And Nixon kicked out and excluded the Black Republicans circa 1968.

The Weekly Sift

Tea Partiers say you don’t understand them because you don’t understand American history. That’s probably true, but not in the way they want you to think.

Late in 2012, I came out of the Lincoln movie with two historical mysteries to solve:

  • How did the two parties switch places regarding the South, white supremacy, and civil rights? In Lincoln’s day, a radical Republican was an abolitionist, and when blacks did get the vote, they almost unanimously voted Republican. Today, the archetypal Republican is a Southern white, and blacks are almost all Democrats. How did American politics get from there to here?
  • One of the movie’s themes was how heavily the war’s continuing carnage weighed on Lincoln. (It particularly came through during Grant’s guided tour of the Richmond battlefield.) Could any cause, however lofty, justify this incredible slaughter? And yet, I realized, Lincoln was winning. What must the Confederate leaders…

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Birthday Club

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Hello fellow zobopians! Just a friendly reminder:

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CheerfulGivers 20th B-Day

20th Birthday Cheerful Givers

A Nation Of Panhandlers


Hello fellow zobopians. I’ve been gathering my thoughts on this subject: panhandlers. Are we becoming a Nation of Panhandlers? Is the American economy that bad? I would think so when I walk/travel through my community in Chicago. It seems like everyone, (male and female; young and old), is constantly asking me for spare change. Walking down a lonely street or whatever, in some instance I’m the only one in sight, I’ll pass another pedestrian and I get asked if I have money to give to him. It just seems so casual-like. It makes me feel uneasy.

Most panhandlers are on busy street corners or standing/sitting in front of businesses to increase their chances of getting some hand-out. I encounter too many casual pedestrians just walking down the street, like me, asking for money in a way that comes off as to uncomfortable for me. Recently I was walking home and came across a store-front residence, where people live, and there was a guy standing in front of what I assume was a stair landing and he just ask me for spare change. In front of his home! Seriously, is this crappy economy this bad when citizens are panhandling in front of their home?

Now, lets pause. I don’t mind giving anybody my spare change to someone. It’s no big deal unless I really need the money for myself. (I’m not rich.)

I’m just beginning to sense a bad habit forming among people that comes off like a “third world” type of behavior. This is the USA for crying out loud! I’m not oblivious that America is in a Funk Economic Depression! If this country doesn’t get its economic affairs in order, this panhandling is going to become a bad habit. People need jobs & money so they won’t have to panhandle to every Tom, Dick & Harry.

I guess this ends my writers block. Until next time…

Yes! I said Funk Economic Depression. That’s not a mis-spelling of the F-word. We are in a Funk, you know that!

Writers Block Sucks


Hey zobopians! Man, I’ve got a case of writers block like you wouldn’t believe! But I’ll get over it sooner or later. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep internet searching for more Emma Watson pictures. I know what your thinking, don’t ask. 😉

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Above photo may be copyrighted by JustJared. If that’s not right, Oops, I don’t know! 🙂