Hello zobopians! So you think you know how to merit & maintain trust? Thanks to Dale Carnegie and his philosophy maybe we can figure this out.

[This is a continuation of my June 4th, 2014 blog post.]

  1. Avoid Arguments — {Who needs more conflict?}
  2. Never say, “You’re Wrong” — {Might lead to argument.}
  3. Admit Faults Quickly/Emphatically — {Follows #2}
  4. Begin in a Friendly way — {Diffuses conflict.}
  5. Access Affinity — {Attraction to a person.}
  6. Surrender the Credit — {Follows #2 & #3}
  7. Engage with Empathy — {Share feelings with other.}
  8. Appeal to Noble Motives — {Appeal to how they imagine themselves.}
  9. Share Your Journey — { Go together to accomplish mission.}
  10. Throw Down a Challenge — { Invokes a reaction.}

Well, that’s all for Dale Carnegie for now. I hope it was worth it. It was for me. Hope I can put these to practice.