Seven Letters

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Hello fellow zobopians. Ready for a puzzle?

Riddle for smart people

Riddle for smart people.


7 answers

Seven Answers.

Credit to : Chicago Independent Bulletin

Sigil Zobop Magick

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Hello fellow zobopians! Do you believe in Sigil Magick? If you’re religious, some would say you do. Religious symbols could be taken as a form of magick. Since I’m not religious, who am I to judge? Late last year, 2013, I decided to cross that line, [no pun intended], and create my very own sigil.

zobop republic sigil

zobop republic sigil

Notice: Don’t bother asking me what the letters mean. I have since forgotten. πŸ˜‰ AbracadabrA!

Very Very Long Blog Posts


No, No, No, No, No or No, No, No(?) Hello zobopians. I don’t believe a blog post should be too long. People might lose interest reading a bright computer screen. Right?

Enough said. πŸ˜‰

(No, No, No, No, No [C-REAL]) Vs. (No, No, No [Apink]).




LOL. Which ‘No’ song comes through better for you? πŸ™‚



Hello zobopians! Did the title of this post* bring you here? Hmm-m. I have to give credit to the Chicago Independent Bulletin. Β They came up with this!



*Click to enlarge picture.

Sham Chicago


Hello fellow zobopians! Time for a citizens political rant. I’m on a roll with rants this month, aren’t I? (That might be bad English.) Anyway…

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel gets to spend $55 million in property taxes for a swanky new Marriott hotel in the South Loop. Meanwhile…Chicago citizens might have to pay higher property taxes to finance pension funds for public employees. What the hell am I missing? Chicago citizens are getting fleeced and ripped-off when it comes to any kind of taxes! Taxes and higher fees and we have nothing to show for it! Except potholes and falling bridge overpasses.

And on top of all that, Illinois companies get tax breaks and public subsidies. No jobs or business expansion to show for it. NOTHING. TO. SHOW. FOR! What a SHAM!

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Scam Alert:Credit Card Fraud


Hello fellow zobopians! I realize we live in a quasi-cashless society, (credit/debit cards). But to live in a world of plastic cards also means to live in fear of cyber security breaches and fraud scams, (telephone & email phishing). Are you scared yet? Read the below picture article I saw from a Chicago newspaper. [Click picture to enlarge.]

credit card scam

Credit Card Scam

I hope this information is useful.