Hey zobopians! Irony, coincidence or the stars are lined up just…right. 🙂 You must be thinking, “What?” Question: What do these things, (below), have in common for March 29th, 2014? [Hint: It’s going to be a big day for a lot of people around the world.]

*Cheerful Givers : a 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to helping children in need. They provide birthday gift bags through shelters and food shelves to disadvantaged, needy children. – See more at: Cheerful Givers

CheerfulGivers 20th B-Day

20th Birthday Cheerful Givers

*Sulli : singer, model & actress of the 5-member Korean Kpop group F(x). Credit goes to : IHeartF(X) & AFF(X)TION

F(x) Sulli's Birthday project

F(x) Sulli’s Birthday project

*Earth Hour : a worldwide movement for the planet organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). See more at : Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2014

Earth Hour 2014

The answer : These 3 favorite things of mine will have birthdays or anniversaries on Saturday MARCH 29th, 2014!

What else do you know that’s happening on March 29th, 2014? Time is getting short. 🙂