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Since it always seems to be an election cycle, I’ve decided to create my own ‘zobop Political Slogan’! No, I’m not running for any political office. I just thought it would be a blast to create a political thought bomb. (No pun intended, NSA). Here’s my first of many:

‘If Americans are allowed to protect their rights, then America wins.’

Were you paying attention? If you want more thought-provoking political slogans, then follow http://twitter.com/zobop_republic on Twitter. [hashtag: #PoliticalSlogan]

Blaming The Victim


*A re-post from my OLD BlogSpot blog. Here it is again!
There are people, (un-elected leaders), in America who make a career out of “victimization”. They use theories and practices of the social sciences that have served to both legitimize existing social inequities and to prevent or at least, seriously, retard attempts to deal seriously with some of the more fundamental contradictions in out society.

All these persons do is reinforce oppression of poor, (minorities), and powerless citizens. This victimization is nevertheless predictable and demonstrates poor & powerless people’s mutual captivity.

Victim blaming article on Wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victim_blaming