*This post was originally on my old Blogspot, zobop republic, blog. I wonder if this thought is still relevant.

Rich or so-called wealthy parents send their kids to private schools; they can afford it. [Or they live in wealthier school districts]. If not that, they provide advantages for their kids, like S.A.T. prep courses (which are not cheap), private tutors, etc. And once again they pay for it themselves. [Disposable income comes in handy]. Some people may say that is unfair and of a privileged mindset.

Poor people on the other hand also want to send their kids to private or charter schools. But since they’re economically deprived, they want or expect the taxpayer to pay for this “school choice” through so-called vouchers. Poor parents of school aged students have to realize the government controls this taxpayer money and will dole it out as they see fit. These vouchers are also just free money for some charter school administrators. By overcounting how many students they actually have, they just pocket the difference. This activity leads to corruption and taints the educational process.

Wealthy people don’t have to worry about these kinds of things, because they control the money for their private institutions.

Poor people are at the mercy of government controllers and other [unelected] public officers.

It must be good to be wealthy. It means CONTROL!
Food 4 Thought. More information on school choice : http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/the-chicago-reader-tif-archive/Content?oid=1180567