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5 degrees of prejudice:
1. Antilocution. Most people who have prejudices talk about them. but many people never go beyond this mild degree of antipathetic action.

2. Avoidance. If the prejudice is more intense, it leads the individual to avoid members of the disliked group, even perhaps at the cost of considerable inconvenience. In this case, the bearer of prejudice does not directly inflict harm upon the group he dislikes. He takes the burden of accommodation and withdrawal entirely upon himself.

3. Discrimination. Here the prejudices person makes detrimental distinctions of an active sort. He undertakes to exclude all members of the group in question from certain types of employment, from residential housing, political rights, educational or recreational opportunities, churches, hospitals, or from some other social privileges.

4. Physical attack. Under conditions of heightened emotion prejudice may lead to acts of violence or semi-violence. An unwanted ethnic family may be forcible ejected from a neighborhood, or so severely threatened that it leaves in fear.

5. Extermination. Lynchings, pogroms, massacres, and Hitler’s final solution of genocide mark the ultimate degree of violent expression of prejudice.

Source: The Nature of Prejudice (c)1979 by Gordon W. Allport
ISBN: 0-201-00179-9