Tis’ the season of e-mail scammers and phishers paradise! These people are relentless! 😦 [E-mail below as written.]

“Dear Paypal user,

As part of our security measures, we regularly screen activity in the Paypal system.We recently contacted you after noticing an issue on your account.We requested information from you for the following reason:

Our system detected unusual charges to a credit card linked to your Paypal account.

Reference Number: GD:58848:79046

Please Login to your account to restore your account.

This is last notice to remind you to restore your account, until you restore your account your account will remain limited.

We appreciate your understanding as we work to ensure account safety.

<-_Click Here To Login To Your Account._->


Account Department of Paypal

Paypal Email ID: 47566:55478”
It’s good thing I don’t have a PayPal account but scammers wouldn’t know that now would they?