*This stream of thought permits me a “terse” American cultural comparison between the past and contemporary society. Am I the only one who notices?

Social violence of whites and blacks have disturbing similarities.

Pre-1960’s through early 1980’s:

  1. Blacks find white hooded culture, (Ku Klux Klan), intimidating.
  2. White’s didn’t want Blacks going to their Public Schools.
  3. White youth groups, (i.e. gangs [Chicago’s Gaylords]), harassed and threatened Blacks from crossing street boundaries. Resorted to violence at times.
  4. White Flight; most whites left the city, for the suburbs, leaving a poor tax base.  No revenue for resources.

1990’s through early 21st century:

  1. Blacks find Hip Hop hoodie culture malevolent and intimidating, at times.
  2. Black communities don’t want privately run charter schools closing down and taking control of neighborhood Public Schools.
  3. Black youth groups, (i.e. gangs or cliques), harass and intimidate other Blacks from crossing street boundaries.  They have been using violence ever since.
  4. Due to high incarceration, (county jails & prisons), and high home foreclosures, Black communities are losing residents.  These plus unemployment and poverty creates a poor tax base.  No revenue for resources.  [Chicago’s Black citizens have been in decline].

I can’t think of any more examples now. But I’m sure I’ll notice more in the future. But seriously, am I the only one who notices?