Hooded Culture: A Comparison

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*This stream of thought permits me a “terse” American cultural comparison between the past and contemporary society. Am I the only one who notices?

Social violence of whites and blacks have disturbing similarities.

Pre-1960’s through early 1980’s:

  1. Blacks find white hooded culture, (Ku Klux Klan), intimidating.
  2. White’s didn’t want Blacks going to their Public Schools.
  3. White youth groups, (i.e. gangs [Chicago’s Gaylords]), harassed and threatened Blacks from crossing street boundaries. Resorted to violence at times.
  4. White Flight; most whites left the city, for the suburbs, leaving a poor tax base.  No revenue for resources.

1990’s through early 21st century:

  1. Blacks find Hip Hop hoodie culture malevolent and intimidating, at times.
  2. Black communities don’t want privately run charter schools closing down and taking control of neighborhood Public Schools.
  3. Black youth groups, (i.e. gangs or cliques), harass and intimidate other Blacks from crossing street boundaries.  They have been using violence ever since.
  4. Due to high incarceration, (county jails & prisons), and high home foreclosures, Black communities are losing residents.  These plus unemployment and poverty creates a poor tax base.  No revenue for resources.  [Chicago’s Black citizens have been in decline].

I can’t think of any more examples now. But I’m sure I’ll notice more in the future. But seriously, am I the only one who notices?

Here Comes Corporate Education


American Legislative Executive Council
Lobby group who wine and dine politicians in order to sell-out public interest. *my opinion*

No Child Left Behind
This effort actually leaves children behind;
By pushing students out of education;
With less funding for schools;
Which leads to no educational opportunities.
Poor and minority students are being incarcerated at alarming rates.

Community colleges might be next on the chopping block for reformation and privatization efforts.

Regions Financial Scam Alert

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Welcome to another episode of zobop republic Scam Alert. I never heard of Regions Financial anyway. Here’s the full e-mail below:

“Dear Regions Online® Client:

Due to several failed attempts to access to your Regions® Online Account, we have temporarily disabled your account for protection.
You must re-activate your Regions® Online Account within the next 24 hours to continue using it.

Visit http://lamodavivo.com/meetmehalfway/original/rdcLogin.php?re=RXZlbnQxIEp1bDE0

Thank you for being a valued Regions client.

© 2013 Regions Financial Corporation. All Rights reserved”
Does that above link look like the Regions Financial website?

Baruch Spinoza

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Nobody has the authority to decide my rights. Everyone in the state of nature decides what is good or bad, and what is necessary to his preservation.

If the citizens begin to fear the State, the State will lose its power, and fall prey to the factions it has stirred up.

The weak man, the slave, is not someone of lesser strength in absolute terms. The weak man is he who remains cut off from his power of action, kept in slavery or impotence.

Superstition is everything that keeps us cut off from our power of action and continually diminishes it. The source of superstition is the concatenation of sad passions, fear, hope linked to fear, the anxiety that delivers us over to phantoms.

In despotic statecraft, the supreme and essential mystery is to hoodwink the subjects, and to mask the fear, which keeps them down, with the specious garb of religion, so that they may fight as bravely for slavery as for safety.

[Source: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/ea/Spinoza.jpg/200px-Spinoza]

*Taken from : “Expressionism in Philosophy : Spinoza by Gilles Deleuze

Man Of Time

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Source: starburstmagazine.com/images/oct2012/time_travel
[Source: starburstmagazine.com/images/oct2012/time_travel]

Man is a creature who has notions of the past and entertains expectations of the future, he often misuses his idea of time, especially the past and present. He distorts the first and squanders the second, thereby assuring that the future will be a carbon copy of the past.

The future means the insecurity of unknown danger and fear.

Blackmail–The New Capitalism


*This blog post is solely the opinion of zobop republic.

Blackmail can and will be on par with any other form of economic transaction. In a free republic blackmail is not illegal. Blackmail is the receipt of money in exchange for the service of NOT publicizing information about the other person. Violence and/or threats to person or property are not involved. Any other person, who revels in revealing secrets, may charge differently.

 From: blaugh.com/cartoons/060919_care_to_rephrase