A Man’s Thinking

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If you can control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his action. When you determine what a man shall think, you do not have to concern yourself about what he will do. If you make a man feel that he is inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for he will seek it himself.”

Dr. Carter G. Woodson

As Dr. Woodson said in 1933, “At this moment, then, the Negro must begin to do the very thing which they have been taught that they cannot do.”

Carnival Triumph Ship


Why didn’t the Captain of the, disease ridden, human waste infested, Carnival Triumph abandon ship? That’s what the lifeboats are for! Any sane person among 4000 would’ve been screaming to get on a lifeboat. Now, just imagine the time and money it’s going to take to clean and disinfect this cruise ship.

Carnival Triumph should be set ablaze and scuttled into the Gulf of Mexico so it can sink and become corral reef for the fish. Who is going to want to be on that ship next time? Or will Carnival clean the ship, change the ship’s name and put it back out to sea with no one the wiser? DISGUSTING!

USA: Country Of Immigrants And Slaves

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*In the spirit of Black History (Month). {It should be all year long.}
Black History 365

We are a country of immigrants, blah, blah, blah.

It’s amazing how no one mentions the fact that America is “also” a country built on SLAVERY. Slaves were not immigrants. Slaves were humans in bondage. Slaves didn’t come to America of their own “Free Will”. That fact and reality of slavery cannot become a dead issue. I’m NOT sorry that the history of slavery makes people uncomfortable. History is written by the “Victors”. Obviously, slaves were not the victors, otherwise they wouldn’t have been slaves.

This is why Black History (Month) is so important. If the “Victors” do not or will not tell OUR history, then who will? Black Americans are part of this country, it’s just that we all weren’t immigrants.

Flip Flop Politics

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*This post was originally on my old zobop republic Blogger site before Google took away my account for no reason. [Screw U Google.]
Republicans and Democrats are now one and the same.

Before the Civil Rights Movement Republicans were for equality and civil rights, anti-slavery, and freedom in the true meaning of the word. {Blacks used to vote Republican as a majority.} Democrats on the other hand were anti-equality, anti-Black, and pro-slavery.

During the civil Rights Movement something profound happened. The two major political parties flip-flopped on each other. the prejudiced Dixiecrats (Southern Democrats) moved over to become Republicans and pro-democracy Republicans became modern-day Democrats. Confused? This is why America needs a rival third political party. But NOT the Tea Party. They’re just glorified right-wing fringe conservatives.

Un-War On Poverty

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*This post was originally on my old zobop republic Blogger site until Google suspended my Google account. [Screw U Google 😦 ]

The War on Poverty never intended to be a war at all. It was mostly a painfully timid and overly self-conscious assault on the consequences of human misery. The War on Poverty was a vehicle for the perpetuation of the view that poverty was traceable to individual shortcomings on the part of poor people. People are poor because they have no money or power to negotiate with.

Students Are Not Learning

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*This post was originally on my old Blogger site until it was suspended by Google. [Screw U Google! 😦 ]

It’s school time again and the country’s students trudge back to their public and private schools. [*Including charter schools.]  The students of America will be mis-educated and under-educated by the powers that be. Students go to classes t learn enforced conformity. John Dewey in 1899 once said,

Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent.”

American education today in which the majority of students graduating from high school are functionally illiterate and ill-prepared for doing anything else than service-based jobs for minimum wage. [*The future working poor.]  From the standpoint of the powers that be there are advantages to keeping American students “stupid”; the less intelligent a person is, the more vulnerable he/she is to exterior control.

Pushing Our Buttons

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The human brain has evolved to pay close attention to information:

  • Danger
  • Food
  • Sex

All animals have four (4) basic instinctual drives:

  • Fighting, fleeing [danger]
  • Feeding [food]
  • Mating [sex]

The names for these distinct feelings:

  • Anger, fear
  • Hunger
  • Lust

Memes that annoy, seduce, enrage or scare us tend become widespread.


From the book ‘Virus of the Mind’  copyright 1996 by Richard Brodie.

Create Your Future

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Man must create his future himself.
History will not do it for him.”

Robert Scholes