*WARNING*  This may be satirical in nature from the mind of zobop.
Trust me, this is NOT a New Year’s resolution.
Schemata [definition]:
A representation of a plan or theory in the form of an outline or model.

[zobop republic] 🙂
[Aliens] or [Religion]
[The Unknown]
[The Forbidden]
[Average Person] That’s you.  😦

*This is where the satire ends.*
The New World Order Schemata seems almost similar in nature. It’s what ‘they’ want.

  1. Control the wealth.  (i.e. Money through Federal private banks)
  2. Create conflict. (i.e. Wars)
  3. Initiate de-population. (i.e. Inoculations in third world countries)
  4. Enact martial law.