Words Within Words


Since there was no Mayan apocalypse, I had time for my mind to wander about things like, words inside other words.

Words -> or
Within -> wit -> thin -> in
Danger -> anger
Death -> eat
Vacancy -> can
Casino -> sin
Stake -> take
Close -> lose
Life -> if
Bank -> ban
Hello -> hell
Travel -> rave
Diet -> die
Method -> meth
Bleach -> leach -> each

Do you see(?) what I missed?

Gun Control Cliff Vs Fiscal Cliff

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*I’m not sure of the source of this information but it does seem from a few years ago. It does make a morbid point.

Last year, handguns killed
48 people in Japan.
8 in Great Britain.
34 in Switzerland.
52 in Canada.
58 in Israel.
21 in Sweden.
42 in West germany.
10,728 in the United States.  *This does not include what has happened in the U.S. during the month of December 2012.

It’s A Trap

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Trap music. It’s the beginning of the end of trap music as we know it. Hipsters are all over it now.

Trap music is by Trapper John, M.D. from the M*A*S*H t.v. show.
Get it? It’s a “mash-up”. 😉






WARNING: This has been a zobop republic SATIRE! 😉

1 Hour Of Holocaust Porn


Some one with way too much time on their hands stringing together movies about the destruction of New York City. Hello Anti-Banality Union!

Insulting Chicago

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Insulting Chicago poster

If you are from Chicago, you just got insulted! 🙂

Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters @Tumblr

Missed High Fives


Have you ever missed a high-five?  Don’t be ashamed, it happens.  🙂

Missed High Five @Tumblr. Videos and gif’s galore.

Be Glad You’re Not A Cat Hoarder

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…like this obviously “sick” woman!
Gawker | Cat Hoarder

Doomsday Or New Day?

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December 12, 2012 is fast approaching. With all the Black Friday holiday shopping, I guess nobody is paying attention. some would believe the Mayan calendar is supposed to bring on Doomsday. To other optimistic people the Mayan calendar is the beginning of a “New Day” or the re-start of the calendar. It’s ironic 12/21/2012 falls on the first day of winter solstice, which is a Friday.

Will it be a Black Friday of another kind?

Mayan Calendar

Mayan long count calendar