Come See Chicago’s Wacker

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People of America, people of the world!  Come to Chicago and see our Wacker!  Wacker Drive that is.  🙂  The new and improved Wacker Drive is now officially open after 3 years of re-construction and renovation.  At a cost of $300 million dollars commuters can now get to the east side of Chicago.

Wacker Drive

Wacker Drive, Chicago

The Blues Brothers chase through Lower Wacker Drive. Before re-construction:

Fooling Communists Is Easy

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Sexiest Man Alive says The Onion

North Korea Leader

Way to go Communism! Good job on Total Information Awareness and all that commie police intelligence. 😦

Chinese media fell for the Onion ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ spoof. 🙂 Haven’t the Chinese ever heard of The Onion paper? Does China understand satire? This doesn’t mean the Chinese are not intelligent, they just don’t get satire and spoofing. Fooling Commies is easy!

Angus T Jones & The Preacher

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This whole situation with Angus T. Jones and the preacher is like the cult movie “Martha Marcy May Marlene” but with a Black guy at the center of it all.  🙂

In case the video doesn’t load :
Angus T. Jones rant

Black Friday Is Evil

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…and here’s why.

Black Friday is EVIL

Horrible Russian Drivers


Thank goodness for dashboard cameras! 🙂
[Hang tight for the first 38 seconds.]

f(x) Live 2009


When has anyone seen the K pop group f(x) with a live band? Now you know.

Purity Ring | Shrines

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If you liked ‘The Art of Noise’ from the 1980’s the next 38 minutes is pure electronic bliss.

Thanks Givings Its Thursday

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Hey zobop republicans, remember Rebecca Blacks’s song “Friday”? 🙂
Well here’s Nicole Westbrooks official video “It’s Thanksgiving”!

Hello Swing State Ohio

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