(1). A Michigan State professor strips naked in class and then went on a rampage. Thought: Is this what college students are going into debt for? 😦

In early 2011 more than 100 Northwestern University students watched as a naked 25-year-old woman was penetrated by a sex toy wielded by her fiancee during an after-class session of the school’s popular “Human Sexuality” class.

(2). NISSAN (Japan) plans on bringing back the Datsun nameplate. Can you believe there’s been a following for this car? The Datsun was discontinued in 1986. Thought: All I remember about this car was it was too small. 😦

Nissan Datsun

The NISSAN Datsun (circa 1986)

(3). Jennifer Livingston of WKBT in La Crosse, Wisconsin responds to a viewer e-mail about her being overweight.  She says the viewer is a bully.  Now she’s in demand for talk shows.  Thought: I would like to see her do the “Gangnam Style” (PSY) dance.  🙂

Jennifer Livingston

Jennifer Livingston responds to viewer e-mail

...and Gangnam Style

PSY – Gangnam Style