There hasn’t been a teacher’s strike in Chicago since 1987. The former Mayor Richard Daley always bought off the Chicago teachers so there wouldn’t be a strike. But all things come to an end with the current Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Even though Mayor Richard Daley sold off the Chicago Public Schools piece-by-piece to private school organizations, (charter schools), he made sure there wasn’t any disruption in the school year.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is different. He has been called a bully by the Chicago Teachers Union President, Karen Lewis.

“Mayor Rahm Emanuel once said ‘f*ck you’ to Ms. Lewis”

Putting that all aside, what about the school students? This school strike will only discourage a lot of students who aren’t inspired to go to school anyway. Strike or no strike they will probably drop out of school anyway! People in Chicago need to control their schools or someone else will!

Good-bye schools- -good-bye democracy!

It’s ironic this strike happened during the week of the September 11 anniversary.