Know The Gita

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The recollected mind is awake
In the knowledge of the Atman
Which is dark night to the ignorant:
The ignorant are awake in their sense-life
Which they think is daylight:
To the seer it is darkness.

Kafka-Before the Law

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In Franz Kafka’s parable “Before the Law”, a man arrives at the Door to the Law and asks for admittance. The door stands open but the doorkeeper tells him to wait. The man waits for a long time. He curses his bad luck, at first boldly and loud. Later, as he grows old, he only grumbles to himself. Finally, with his dying breath, he asks the doorkeeper why nobody other than himself has ever come before the Door to the Law. The doorkeeper says, “No one eles could ever be admitted here, since this gate was made only for you,” and the doorkeeper shuts the door.

Kafka's Before the Law

Kafka’s Before the Law

No Way No Day Mr Meyers


The scam spammers are like locusts!  They just keep coming like the end of days.  😦  Here’s another scam beauty.  [It’s copied as is] :

“Dear Valued Beneficiary,

My Name is Mr Edward Meyers, A citizen of the United States, 62 years Old. I reside in Lombard, Chicago 44114. My residential address is as follows. 1049 Westmore Meyers Rd, Lombard IL 60148, United States, i work in the remittance department with Bank Of America here in New Mexico, United States Of America.

Am contacting you concerning your overdue payment which have been endorsed for onward transfer to your destination via; on-line Banking System or Certified bank Draft depending on your choice to receive your full payment,you have the choice to indicate by return email, the preferable method to receive your payment within 48hours.

Bank Of America will be willing to receive your full contact details and also proof of your identity in your next email to enable us furnish you with the necessary steps to deliver your funds within 48hours from tomorrow.

According to the latest instruction we received last week from World Bank and office of the accountant general of United States Of America, You will not be required to pay for any money transfer charges until your funds are delivered to you, but you must present any valid details of your payment to my office so as to indicate and assure that you are the rightful beneficiary to the funds in our custody.

I expect an urgent response from you as soon as i get to my office by tomorrow morning, and please do not hesitate to call me on any of my contact phone numbers below for more details or send an email.

I will send you copies of my id,international passport and also copies of your payment approval documents as soon as i hear from you.

I will be expecting to hear from you . In my privet emailaddress:

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Edward Meyers
For Bank Of America,
Phone: +1 916 866 7132.
Phone: +1 505 750 9406.”

I say let’s spam e-mail him!  🙂

Dr. Martin L. King Documents Online

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Quote from King Center site : “There are nearly a million documents associated with the life of Martin Luther King Jr. These pages will present a more dynamic view than is often seen of Dr. King’s life and times. The documents reveal the scholar, the father, and the pastor. Through these papers we see the United States of America at one of its most vulnerable, most honest and perhaps most human moments in history. There are letters bearing the official marks of royalty and the equally regal compositions of children. You will see speeches, telegrams, scribbled notes, patient admonitions and urgent pleas. This spotlight shows you a glimpse of the remarkable history within this collection.”

You should check it out. Black America should do this for everyone; famous or not!

.The King Center | Dr. King’s documents

ID Cost Too Much Money

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[Blueprint for G.O.P. ID voter suppression]. U.S. identification cost too much money! Birth certificate, passport, state ID, drivers licenses; they can be costly. I personally believe a birth certificate should be FREE! It’s the ‘one’ document anyone needs to prove who you are. You need a birth certificate to get the other forms of identification. Catch (F-bomb) 22!

Why is the city, county, or state charging fees for ID’s? 😦 Homeless and poor people are being penalized for being an American. (This has nothing to do with illegal immigrants).

Sea Of Korea, Sea Of Japan

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East Sea

Sea of Korea?

Will this dispute over a body of water lead to a sea war? Japan doesn’t seem to be having good luck with water. They are still repairing after the tsunami of 2011. I don’t think Japan should get into a fight over water!

Sea of Japan

Sea of Japan?

Read more about it at: REUTERS

Katniss Is 22!


Katniss is 22!

Jennifer Lawrence is 22 years old Aug. 15th, 2012

Well, actually the actress who plays Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence, will be 22 years old Ausgust 15th, 2012.

Back To School

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That’s right America, it’s time to go ‘back to school’. Don’t you feel the anxiety coursing through your fingers?

It’s time to go back to school so you can…
Pull your grades up,
Pull your brain up,
Pull your self up,
Pull your pantsup!  😦

School pic

Back to School

Purity Ring

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I am now officially hooked on Purity Ring! 🙂 It’s a good thing I was listening to WXRT radio one night. Check out their other music videos as well. Mind bending!

Gabby Douglas Becomes First

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Gabby Douglas became the first African-American woman to win the all-around Olympic gymnastics title. That’s a big honor and I hope she gets a chance to cash in on her Gold medal.

Now, if only the “bitch ass” Black people would STOP hating on her about her hair! Yes! I said it and you know who you are!   I find it embarrassing and disgusting that Black Americans would react to her public image like this.  😦 H8TR CITY USA – population : Too many Black people.

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