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Who are the Koch brothers?

They are two ultra-conservative billionaire siblings who are attempting to flood the upcoming election with over $100 million in negative ads to beat President Barack Obama and other Democrats.  they are also major contributors of the Tea Party, the new voter ID laws that aim to oppress the minority and elderly vote and the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law.

It’s understood that everyone has a right to their political views but the Koch brothers are using money given by (poor) consumers and minority groups to oppress citizens.  We should no longer allow consumer dollars to advance conservative views and political agendas.

It’s time to boycott Koch consumer products!

Products owned by Koch Brothers:

  • Angel soft toilet paper
  • Brawny paper towels
  • Dixie products
  • Mardie Gras products
  • Quilted Northern paper products
  • Soft’n Gentle paper products
  • Sparkle napkins
  • Vanity Fair products
  • Zee napkins
    Angel Soft

    Angel Soft product


    Brawny paper product

    Vanity Fair

    Vanity Fair product