Can the power of the dark side be relevant in “reality”?

  • Peace is a lie.  There is only passion.
  • Through passion, I gain strength.
  • Through strength, I gain power.
  • Through power, I gain victory.
  • through victory my chains are broken.

Can this philosophy be used for our self-improvement/development?

Those who use dark side are also bound to serve it .  To understand this is to understand the underlying philosophy of the Sith.”

“The dark side offers power for power’s sake.  You must crave it.  Covet it.  You must seek power above all else, with no reservation or hesitation.”

“The [Dark Side] will change you.  It will transform you.  Some fear this change.”

If you want “true power” you have to embrace the transformation.  The conceits of compromise, mercy, compassion, loyalty must be done away with to claim what’s rightfully yours.  Succumbing to these traits — you’ll be dragged down by your own weakness.

Those who accept the power of the dark side must also accept the challenge of holding on to it.”

This sounds like a tall order.  I assume most people are not up to the challenge.

Knowledge is power!