Military Resistance

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At a time like this, scorching irony, not convincing argument, is needed. Oh had I the ability, and could reach the nation’s ear, I would, pour out a fiery stream of biting ridicule, blasting reproach, withering sarcasm, and stern rebuke.”

–Frederick Douglass (1852)


Frederick Douglass

Boycott Koch Brothers!

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Thanks to for the inspiration to this point of view.

Who are the Koch brothers?

They are two ultra-conservative billionaire siblings who are attempting to flood the upcoming election with over $100 million in negative ads to beat President Barack Obama and other Democrats.  they are also major contributors of the Tea Party, the new voter ID laws that aim to oppress the minority and elderly vote and the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law.

It’s understood that everyone has a right to their political views but the Koch brothers are using money given by (poor) consumers and minority groups to oppress citizens.  We should no longer allow consumer dollars to advance conservative views and political agendas.

It’s time to boycott Koch consumer products!

Products owned by Koch Brothers:

  • Angel soft toilet paper
  • Brawny paper towels
  • Dixie products
  • Mardie Gras products
  • Quilted Northern paper products
  • Soft’n Gentle paper products
  • Sparkle napkins
  • Vanity Fair products
  • Zee napkins
    Angel Soft

    Angel Soft product


    Brawny paper product

    Vanity Fair

    Vanity Fair product


Stupid or Intelligent


In the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.”

Bertrand Russell (philosopher)


Bertrand Russell

Men Who Dress Like Women


A Brooklyn, New York man, Thomas Parkin, for 6 years posed as his dead mother in order to cash her Social Security checks.  He would wear women’s clothes and a wig to do it.  He was sentenced for 13 years in prison.


Parkin dress as woman

Now where would a guy get the idea to wear women’s clothes to pretend to be a woman?


Tyler Perry as Medea

Spam Alert-05/24/2012

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It’s amazing how much spam e-mail I get.  It’s nothing but a scam.  Read for your self.


From e-mail : Fred Johnson <>

For Your Attention,

We have received your instruction to remit your Outstanding Inheritance Payment of
Eighteen Million Six Hundred Thousand USD to your business representative’s bank account
stated below.

American National Bank of Texas
Account Name: Jackson Earl
Checking Routing Number: 111802519
Account Number: 305914911
Swift Code: CHASUS32

We shall complete the remittance processes within 72 working hours from Monday and shall
forward to you the Payment Confirmation Slip for your perusal.

We are sorry for the delay and hitches you must have passed through in realizing your
payment to this day.

Congratulations in advance.

Mr. Frederick Johnson
Payment Coordinator

Code of the Sith

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Can the power of the dark side be relevant in “reality”?

  • Peace is a lie.  There is only passion.
  • Through passion, I gain strength.
  • Through strength, I gain power.
  • Through power, I gain victory.
  • through victory my chains are broken.

Can this philosophy be used for our self-improvement/development?

Those who use dark side are also bound to serve it .  To understand this is to understand the underlying philosophy of the Sith.”

“The dark side offers power for power’s sake.  You must crave it.  Covet it.  You must seek power above all else, with no reservation or hesitation.”

“The [Dark Side] will change you.  It will transform you.  Some fear this change.”

If you want “true power” you have to embrace the transformation.  The conceits of compromise, mercy, compassion, loyalty must be done away with to claim what’s rightfully yours.  Succumbing to these traits — you’ll be dragged down by your own weakness.

Those who accept the power of the dark side must also accept the challenge of holding on to it.”

This sounds like a tall order.  I assume most people are not up to the challenge.

Knowledge is power!





NATO Summit Chicago 2012

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Chicago became a ghost town over the weekend.  Citizens either left the city or stayed indoors.  It also hurt business;  hotels and restaurant occupancy was down.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel bragged that the NATO summit would bring business to Chicago.  Who does he think he’s kidding?  Businesses use economic blackmail, threaten to leave city,  to get tax breaks out of the city coffers.

And, who the hell is Black Bloc?  I never heard of them until recently and it seems like they’ve been around.  Well, at least the Chicago police department avoided a repeat of the 1968 riots.  Good for them!

I guess Chicago can get back to normal now… to the city that doesn’t work!

21st Century Business Model

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Thanks to web portals like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, etc.,  there is a new business model for the 21st century.

If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer.  You are the product.



|Yahoo & MS

Job Nazi

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The following quotes are from May 7-13, 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek magazine:

“They’re paying 46 cents an hour in Vietnam.”

“What are the jobs for the 21st century?  They’re not necessarily jobs that existed 30 years ago.”

“(…) it’s very clear that you make more profit by making shoes in Asia than in the United States.”

*The above quotes relate to shoe maker New Balance moving manufacturing to Asia.  Check here for more : Businessweek


NATO In Chicago

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You by now should know who and what NATO is:  NATO in Chicago .

As for me;  won’t be there because I don’t want to get arrested, by mistake.  Can’t afford to either!

Will the V.I.P.’s go slumming in the ghetto?  Will the NATO gathering benefit the city?  Too bad they missed the Marilyn Monroe statue.

Marilyn Monroe statue Chicago

I wonder if the Chicago Police will have another police riot!  Well, anyway these are my concerns about NATO in Chicago.  I guess no one will going to work Monday 21st, 2012.  

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