Are we united? Divided we fall!

Some people can’t handle the truth; even when they ask for it.

If you want the blue pill of blissful ignorance, then stop reading and go back where you linked from. If you can swallow the bitter red pill of the “facts“, then…

There’s always something that comes along to ruin American race relations. (O.J. Simpson, Trayvon Martin, etc.) The Civil Rights movement has taken a wrong turn sometime after the death of Dr. Martin L. King Jr.

Dr. King wanted a color-blind society, (i.e. judge people by the content of their character). [zobop commentary: White people may not judge Black persons by their character but Blacks can and should judge ‘everyone’ by the content of their character. Very important.]

Today’s Black leaders are divisive and bitter; they race-bait, blame, and tell lies and other ‘error of omission’, thereby betraying Dr. King’s vision of a Civil Rights movement. Isn’t it time we the people get back on track to Dr. Kings vision of the future?