Jordan Peterson Is A Clinical Psychologist! Then Why Is He Such A Loser?

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Hello fellow zobopians! I hope you’re doing well and not under the auspices of a psychologist or psychiatrist. If you are, then I hope such person isn’t criticizing the Hell out of you like Jordan Peterson! I mean, that doesn’t help.

He probably couldn't cut it as a psychologist anyway.
Hey Canada! Take your loser back!

Who the Hell would be his client? Don’t expect this creep to show any understanding of your problem(s).

Take him back to Canada!
Tizzy Jordan.

If Peterson wasn’t constantly complaining about stuff that’s none of his business, he could probably try to actually help someone. But I guess that’s NOT his real intention. When you think of Peterson, think of this quote :

This quote is in regards to Peterson.
Shakespeare must’ve been thinking of Peterson with this quote.

Until neXt time…


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This Is Elon Musk! This Is Elon Musk Terminating His Purchase Of Twitter!

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Hello fellow zobopians! I hope the title caught your attention. It speaks for itself!

Doesn't Musk have better things to do with 44 billion dollars?
This is Elon Musk.

This is Elon Musk :

Yeah, I like blowing things up!
Photo credit from internet, blah, blah, blah.

This is Elon Musk terminating his purchase of buying Twitter :

Until neXt time… πŸš€πŸ’₯


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Don’t Support Your Local Ultra-conservatives. They Will Destroy You!

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Hello fellow zobopians! The 21st century is starting to look like the 20th century all over again. On June 24th, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 50 year-old Roe v. Wade decision.

So basically, ultra-conservatives support and condone rape and incest!

The more conservative, the more dumber!
Conservatives are Dumb and Dangerous!

So basically, ultra-conservatives are giving rapists more rights over women victims!

So basically, being a woman will be criminalized!

So basically, ultra-conservatives will track and surveil women seeking information on health choices while guns will be untraceable!

Women will be tracked in the future.
There’s an app for that?

So basically, a gun (an inanimate object) will have more rights than a human female! [It’ll be easier for a potential mass shooter to get gun(s) than for a woman to get healthcare.]

Conservatives have evil since. And still are evil!
Never forget what conservatives have done!

So when a gun is used to murder/kill school children in mass shootings, do ultra-conservatives even care?

Thanks SCOTUS! You just made it easier to create mass shootings!

#SaveTheChildren means nothing to ultra-conservatives! [Children are just props for the Republican Agenda.]

George Carlin knew the truth.
Conservatives don’t care about children!

It must’ve been a great week of June to be “a woman hating incel”!

It must’ve been a great week to be a gun with more rights than a woman!

It must’ve been a HORRIBLE week to be a female!

The ultra-conservative Republicans really got lucky to have a useful idiot in the 45th U.S. President to move forward the “Republican Agenda”. Of course Trump will try to take all the credit! [Read below.]

Why are conservative women supporting this agenda?
Conservatives hate women! Even conservative women hate women!




What a week this has been…until neXt time…


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Can An Afro-Cuban Proud Boy Be A American Neo-Fascist? πŸ€” White Supremacist? πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚️

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Hello fellow zobopians! Damn, I almost want to call this Afro-Cuban neo-fascist Proud Boy a white supremacist. But that would be splitting hairs. After all these Proud “punk-*as” Boys do have much in common with bona fide white supremacist groups. (Like they want to over-throw the American government!) An alleged white supremacist group recently got arrested Saturday June 11th, 2022. These violent white supremacists and their “useful idiot” Afro-Cuban fascists are really dangerous for the rest of us!

Aren't snitches suppose to get stitches? Allegedly?
And he’s a convict snitch too!

How is it that an Afro-Cuban is throwing his lot in with violent white supremacist? These internet savvy “white supremacist influencers”, (and there are many of them online), have really gotten inside the heads of many toxic males. I guess that some of these toxic males are Latino doesn’t really matter. If they legally or illegally get weapons too become a “mass shooter”, innocent people are going to die. Getting deadly assault rifles are one thing, where are they getting body armor from? Do “white supremacist influencers” convince this is what toxic males need to do?

What is a “white supremacist influencer” you ask? They’re just toxic white supremacist who have built a toxic reputation online for hating women, Black people, the LGBT community, Asians, the Latino community and basically anyone who isn’t a white person.

The power of "white supremacist influencers".  I hope this becomes a catch-phrase!
Yes! Social media influencers can be EVIL!

So, I guess these long running racist internet influencers eventually got to toxic boys like this snitch Proud Boys leader whose name I’m not going to print here. [Read above wiki-link.] ⬆⬆ I feel sorry for America these days. We all know these mass shootings are going to happen again because the “white supremacist influencers” are never going away. These toxic influencers live rent-free inside the minds of toxic males. If mass shooters have a mental health problem, then racist influencers are even more dangerous to these toxic shooters. Maybe you folks out there can tell me how an Afro-Cuban and white supremacists are “fighting the same fight“. πŸ€”

Until neXt time…


The U.S. Senate has revived a surveillance bill that would have a lethal impact on privacy, security, and free speech. If Congress passes the EARN IT Act (S.3538), it may become too legally risky for companies to offer encryption services. Instead, they’ll be pressured to scan nearly all online content.
Stop the EARN IT Act to Save Our Privacy!

Democracy is being attacked from all sides! What fight are we really fighting?


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Where Were Those QAnon #SaveTheChildren People At? [Let’s Face It, They Don’t Care!]

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Hello fellow zobopians! Do you think the #SaveTheChildren QAnon movement really cares about the children in our society at all? You would think this plays into the whole “great replacement” theory hawked by white supremacists. I mean, don’t “they” want to save the children from slaughter and carnage by mass active shooters? They only seem to think that “saving-the-children” is in regard to regulating anti-abortion laws but NOT regulating assault weapons laws so “the children”, (and other innocent adults), won’t die by active shooters. It’s obvious the whole #SaveTheChildren meme is another Big Lie perpetrated by the ultra-conservatives. The “Save-The-Children” folks don’t care about children!

George Carlin was right!  Republicans are EVIL!
Republicans care more about the rights of guns than of children after their born!

Let’s save America by voting OUT these hypocritical Republicans and their Dark Magic political activities! Ultra-conservatives are EVIL for America! These fake patriots don’t care about your children! Joe the Bummer said it best :

#JoeTheBummer - remember him? Yeah, who cares!
#SaveTheAmerica Vote the conservative bums out!

Until neXt time…


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Brazil Is An Extermination Camp!

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Hello fellow zobopians! After what has happened in America this May with the mass shootings by murderous active shooters killing men, woman and children some would say, “Only in America!” Not quite! Apparently in the country of Brazil the federal police must not keep up with what’s going on in the United States. Brazilian federal police kill unarmed people too. But haven’t they always?

Police in the Brazilian city of UmbaΓΊba arrest a mentally ill man and gas him in boot of their car. (Photograph: Metropoles)

Renata Souza, a Black activist said that Brazil has become an “extermination camp”. It’s obvious Brazil doesn’t like Black people. And yet they pretend to be a racial Democracy. Just like America, Brazil hasn’t escaped it’s racial discrimination.

I wish Brazil wouldn’t try to be like America. Or is it the other way?

If this kind extrajudicial execution is happening in Brazil, is there any kind of hope for unarmed citizens anywhere?

Damn!… until neXt time…


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It’s Obvious FOX News Supports White Supremacy. Get Rid Of FOX News From Your Cable Bill! βœ‚πŸ“Ί

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Hello fellow zobopians! In my opinion, it looks like FOX News wants to give the allusion that they actively support and promote white supremacy/replacement theory. It’s the worst form of rabble rousing without the responsibility. If we the people can’t defund the police, (and good luck with that), then you cable TV watchers need to defund FOX News by eliminating FOX from your cable bill. DON’T FINANCE FOX NEWS ANYMORE! They’re support for white supremacy is getting Black citizens killed! I guess that’s the whole point huh?

Defund FOX News! Cancel your cable bill!

Until neXt time…


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Replacement Theory Has Been In America Since 1776. [Hint: Native Americans Were Replaced.]

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Hello fellow zobopians! If you ultra-conservative Republicans believe in paranoid “replacement theory“, then try working on your hypocrisy β¬…β¬… here after reading this blog post!

White supremacy is so damn hypocritical! White European immigrants replaced the Native Americans that were in the America’s since the beginning by genocide and other disturbing atrocities. And yet nowadays I have to listen to modern white folks complaining that “they” are being ‘replaced’. Do white citizens even know American history or are they just born hypocrites?

Your white ancestors shot and killed Native peoples in order to replace them. Nowadays, I have to worry about delusional white males, (young or old), with assault weapons attempting to murder people of color in cold blood!

White supremacy = hypocrisy!
[Click to enlarge.] Caption from the Vox article.

White supremacy = The Big Lie! That’s the equation modern day white Nationalists are trying to impress people on. But we the people see the hypocrisy. If it wasn’t for the hospitality of those Native Americans, you fledgling paranoid hypocrites wouldn’t be here. FOX News with their teleprompter reading “ship of liars” do nothing but spread the almighty great replacement theory like a disease.

The great replacement is another Big Lie!
[Click to enlarge.] Another caption from the Vox article.

All this rhetoric on white replacement theory is going to do nothing but fuel the anger and anxiety that white folks are feeling. This rhetoric is only going to get Black and Brown (and possibly Asian) citizens killed. But then again, I guess that’s the whole point of replacement theory. πŸ‘πŸ‘ So to all the white citizens who care to read this blog post. You can keep on deluding yourselves with junk science, scientific racism and your replacement theories all you want. The question is… how many human beings are you going to genocide (replace) in order to support this junk replacement theory? Replacement theory is just another excuse to exterminate people you don’t like so you can “deny” it later on in life for the next generation. (Looking at you holocaust deniers and Canada.) I’m glad there are other voices out here in the wilderness who can say the things I’m probably thinking. They see the hypocrisy! I see the hypocrisy! We all should see the hypocrisy now!

Stop this maddening hypocrisy!
I haven’t read this book. But I liked the cover art. [Photo link.]

Keep fighting the Big Lie! | Until neXt time…


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Are Far-Right Ultra Conservatives Becoming “Forced Birth” Groups?

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Hello fellow zobopians! The term “forced birth” sounds violent. I don’t normally touch such hot button issues but my country America just slid much further to the far-right. As if you can’t get more “far-right” without breaching a wormhole barrier. I was inspired by the Jezebel article on this subject. But unfortunately abortion and white supremacy go hand-in-hand in America. When the Covid-19 virus is thrown in for good measure you get a toxic mix that becomes grossly political. White Americans are so paranoid on just about anything. White folk see Covid health practices like wearing masks and vaccinations as efforts to control, injure and kill off white people. But here’s the thing. Black citizens see white people using efforts to control (deadly over policing), injure and kill Black people for reasons totally unrelated to Covid-19.

Abortion, Covid-19 and white supremacy has become a political toxic mix.
Image:Β Libby McGuire (Getty: Anadolu Agency, Elisa Wells, Mark Felix)

And now that it looks like the Supreme Court of the United States “might” overturn Roe Vs. Wade, white women are going to be so over-policed in the future. Women could be tracked and reported to law enforcement. [Clear your browser history and/or get a VPN, I guess.] They will be forced to give birth. You would think rape and incest was bad enough. If I follow this ultra-conservative logic to it’s logical conclusion, then does this mean that far-right politics condone “rape and incest”? I hope you read the scary Jezebel article. Inch by inch, step by step, slowly we become a Handmaid’s Tale country!

I think that’s enough… for now. Until neXt time…


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Neoslavery | The Last Black Citizen Released From Slavery Was In 1942! πŸ€―😠

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Hello fellow zobopians! Recently when I’ve been browsing YouTube this thumbnail for “Neoslavery” kept showing up as a recommendation for me. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ What the heck, I decided to watch it last night. People of America! We/you have been lied to about history! We Americans should know by now that the reason for the American Civil War was slavery. Slavery was the cornerstone of the Confederacy.

Alexander H. Stephens. Cornerstone Speech: 1861
Today’s Confederates DO NOT represent the party of Lincoln.

These days pedophile obsessed Republicans want to control History by white-washing it. But that has always been happening. I got the white-washed version of history through my grade school career. But these reactionary Republicans today want to use smear tactics on educators who want to tell the truth about American history by calling it “critical race theory”. IT’S NOT! What ultra-conservatives are really scared of is Critical Thinking Skills. Ultra-conservatives are trying very hard to hide the TRUTH about America. Republicans don’t want you to THINK. Also, could you stop getting your American history lessons from PragerU. 🀒 All PragerU cares about is the white-washed version of history that doesn’t trigger reactionary white citizens. (β—€ In my opinion.)

So, Nothing for U PragerU! You know what? While were at it, Fxxk U Ku Klux Klan!

And thanks to this so-called neo-slavery and industrial-slavery, the last Black American to be freed from slavery was in 1942. It blows my mind that I’ve been lied to about America! Lies and bigger lies!

Remember the date : September 1942
Should we thank World War 2 for this?

Today’s smug Republicans are trying to convince people that “they” are the party of Lincoln. Remember, it was the Richard Nixon Republicans that started the “War on Drugs” to destroy the Black American community. So, Fxxk you Nixon!

After the 1960's the ultra-conservative Republicans became evil.  Am-I-Right?
When did Republicans become evil? Nixon!

Look, if you have an hour and 16 minutes to spare like I did, you should check out the video.

Learn critical thinking skills!


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Until neXt time…

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