Lies, Lies, Lies! They’re Gonna Get You!


Hi there fellow zobopians!  The debate about the Minimum Wage is full of lies.

Lie #1) Minimum wage pulls workers out of poverty. Most employees are getting few, if any, company-sponsored benefits like healthcare or paid time off  Most workers are getting government benefits.

Lie #2) Minimum wage will kill jobs.  Most profits low-wage labor go toward the salaries and bonuses of corporate executives.

Lie #3) Increasing minimum wage will impact small businesses.  If or when wages go up, small businesses won’t feel the impact now, but it could change in the far future.

Lie #4) Most minimum wage workers are teenagers.  Most workers are working women over the age of 20, usually the head of her family.

Minimum Wage


Code: V-A-K-S-L

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Hey fellow zobopians! If you’re K-pop fan, then you’re gonna dig this!

Has anyone else, besides me, noticed in “most” pictures of the k-pop group F(x) that the members are in the same position from Left to Right?

F(x) Members

F(x) : Victoria, Amber, Krystal, Sulli, Luna


V.- A.- K.- S.- L.

V.- A.- K.- S.- L.

V.- A.- K.- S.- L.

V.- A.- K.- S.- L.

V.- A.- K.- S.- L.

V.- A.- K.- S.- L.

V.- A.- K.- S.- L.

From the left : Victoria, Amber, Krystal, Sulli and then Luna —> V. A. K. S. L.

The positions must be some kind of secret code… or something. Must. Find. Out.

Photos subject to copyright. Photo credits are NOT mine. They belong to… (I don’t remember). :)
Happy K-popping!

Enter Problem Here:

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Hello world zobopians! I really had no idea what to title this blog post. If there’s a problem, then here’s the solution. Let’s take it from the top…

If you are sickly person; your SICKNESS is due to tension.
Your TENSION is due to frustration.
Your FRUSTRATION is caused by failure to overcome problems.

After I finished reading A. F. Osborn’s book “How to become more creative”, I discovered by mastering problems through creativity, we defeat frustration, then tension and overcome sickness.

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Congratulations America! We are celebrating a brand new holiday, Dependence Day!

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zobop republic:

Happy Dependence Day!

Originally posted on Common Sense Satire Or The Secret Life of Lobsters: You Decide:

With Independence Day approaching, we put up our American flag and proudly displayed it where it could be seen.  The thought fleetingly passed through my mind that maybe I was doing something shameful that would be offensive to someone. The shameful thing is that we as a country are now at the place where half of us sincerely believe that America is a nation that was founded on evil and that we need to get rid of all of the baggage we’ve been carrying around since 1776, most notably the Constitution.

We are programmed to tiptoe around and never say what we think for fear of “offending” someone.  We are judged by what political party we are perceived as being a part of.  When we state an opinion that you don’t agree with, we are automatically put into a labeled box in which we are dismissed or condemned as the…

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Are You A Problem Solver?


Hello world zobopians! Do you know how to solve a problem? My father always told me to in order to solve something you break up the larger problem into smaller parts or sections. Then you solve each part one by one until…”problem solved”.

I’ve learned recently, reading the book ‘How to become more creative’*, that problem solving has seven (7) phases. They go like this:

  1. Orientation : Find out and point out the problem.
  2. Preparation : Gather material relevant to the problem.
  3. Analysis : Break down the relevant material.
  4. Hypothesis : Pile up alternative ideas. {Don’t be prejudiced.}
  5. Incubation : Relax and let up to invite illumination. {Sleep on it.}
  6. Synthesis : Putting the pieces together.
  7. Verification : Judge the resultant ideas.

I know it’s a bit terse but I think you can & will figure it out. Now get out there and be a problem solver! :)
Note: *Alex F. Osborn wrote the book.

Question: Is “O.P.A.H.I.S.V.” a word? LOL. ;)

My Followers-AKA zobopians

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Thanks to my current and NEW followers of zobop republic. Information is the Oil of the Future! And you know it…

Z P followers

zobop republic followers

Anybody else who uses Lycos e-mail too? :)

Merit And Maintain Trust

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Hello zobopians! So you think you know how to merit & maintain trust? Thanks to Dale Carnegie and his philosophy maybe we can figure this out.

[This is a continuation of my June 4th, 2014 blog post.]

  1. Avoid Arguments — {Who needs more conflict?}
  2. Never say, “You’re Wrong” — {Might lead to argument.}
  3. Admit Faults Quickly/Emphatically — {Follows #2}
  4. Begin in a Friendly way — {Diffuses conflict.}
  5. Access Affinity — {Attraction to a person.}
  6. Surrender the Credit — {Follows #2 & #3}
  7. Engage with Empathy — {Share feelings with other.}
  8. Appeal to Noble Motives — {Appeal to how they imagine themselves.}
  9. Share Your Journey — { Go together to accomplish mission.}
  10. Throw Down a Challenge — { Invokes a reaction.}

Well, that’s all for Dale Carnegie for now. I hope it was worth it. It was for me. Hope I can put these to practice.

Two Forms of Interpersonal Communication

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Hello world zobopians! In my previous post about communication I discussed how one should not criticize. This time I compare two forms of interpersonal communication.

  • Dialogue [Two sided conversation] —–> Monologue [One sided]
  • Considerate [Humble] —– > Conceited
  • Authentic [Real] —–> Fake [Phony]
  • Transparent —–> Manipulate
  • Secure —–> Needy
  • Interested in meeting needs —–> Interested in making money
  • Builds trust —–> Builds tension


More from Dale Carnegie in the near future.  Until that time…

zobop republic sigil

zobop republic sigil

Don’t Criticize, Communicate


Hello zobopians! In America, I hope your having a good Memorial Day. In South Korea, (May 21st) I hope you had a “Happy Married Couples” day. Hello to the rest of the world.

Regardless of what language we all speak, what we have here is a failure to communicate. In any language you should :

  • Don’t criticize, condemn or complain.
  • Be more mindful of our words.
  • Many are accustomed to holding a sword called the first Amendment in one hand and a shield called the Fifth Amendment in the other hand.
  • As much as we thirst for approval, we dread condemnation.
  • Jewish proverb : For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupery : What is essential is invisible to the eye.

More from Dale Carnegie in the near future!  Until that day.

zobop's sigil

zobops’s sigil

How To Become More Creative

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Is the above title a statement or a question? Hello zobopians! We’ll have to figure this out. As for me, as part of my New Direction for 2014, which is almost half over, I’ve read the book “How to become more creative” by Alex F. Osborn. (It’s an older book.) Follow me on Twitter @zobop_republic to see what I’ve learned by Mr. Osborn. Get ready world to become more creative!

Here’s a beginner’s teaser: “A strong imagination begetteth opportunity.” – #Montaigne #quote #creativity

zobop republic to infinity

zobop republic to infinity

Disclaimer : That black/white illusion picture isn’t my creation. Just got it from the world wide web and added to it. Yeah…If I had a lawyer on retainer he/she would be happy!

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